Holy Tyranny Batman… California Planning To Cut-Off Water To Consumers Who Are Deemed ‘Wasteful’

by The Sacramento Bee  |  published on April 10, 2015

water2American Water Utility Sacramento may be forced to restrict or cut off water to people who waste it, saying if people don’t start cutting back, it may have no choice.

Audie Foster with the private utility says its customers have been very proactive in conserving water.

“We are so proud of our customers in the last year of this drought,” he said.

American Water serves more than 180,000 people and businesses in Sacramento and Placer counties. But as the drought drags on, and if customers begin to waste water, the utility company says it may be forced to take drastic measures.

“Which could possibly include flow restrictions and or shutting off for wasteful water use,” he said. …

  • Jim Morrell

    We live in the northern California foothills, near Lake Oroville. Because many of the water users here apparently are “high users”, our district is targeted for a 30% reduction. Great? Maybe if you use lots of water. I “planted” a rock riverbed in the front, with low water plants and drip irrigation. I have just 900SF of grass at the rear and water only as necessary’.Have done so for many years. Its just 2 of us. We have a low water use clothes washer, a new, low water use dish washer, and take quick showers. 30% reduction? I think not! I hope some brains will be used in determining who “gets” to reduce large amounts and who doesn’t. Oh….I use the local car wash with its recirculated water for my 2 cars too.

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