House to vote on gun legislation

by Scott Wong  |  published on June 30, 2016

A week after Democrats staged a nearly 26-hour sit-in demanding a vote on gun control measures, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said the House will vote next week on legislation to block suspected terrorists from buying guns.

In a conference call Thursday, Ryan told rank-and-file Republicans that the House will take up a terrorism package that will include measures to disrupt radicalization and recruitment, as well as a provision to prevent suspected terrorists from purchasing guns, according to a source on the call.

It’s unclear exactly which bill will be brought to the floor.

Democrats launched an historic, daylong protest on the House floor last week demanding a vote on such legislation in the wake of the Orlando shooting rampage that killed 49.

  • Gale

    politicians = scum of the earth

  • justinwachin

    Congress needs to remember that Janet Napolitano’s Dept. of Homeland Security released a report in 2009 mentioning Christians, conservatives and pro-lifers as possible terrorists. Lois Lerner denied tax exempt status to a number of TEA Party groups when she was at the IRS. It isn’t too much of a stretch to see how a gun control president could add millions of law-abiding citizens to a terrorist watch list and prevent them from being able to own a gun.

    These terrorist watch lists are created without giving those named any due process rights. Before government can deny someone their Constitutional right to own a firearm it should be required to make its case to a jury.

    We are treading on dangerous territory when a person’s Constitutional rights are set aside on the whim of a government bureaucrat.

  • snowyriver

    Any in Congress that vote against our Constitution should be removed from office the moment they vote.

  • bobnstuff

    So everyone here agrees that we should not let people fly on planes but we should let them buy guns. Does the government have the right to tell someone they can’t fly on a plane just because they my be a terrorist.

    • snowyriver

      This is supposed to be American, where you are innocent until proven guilty.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Here’s an Idea:

    IF any Citizen is placed on the list for anything less than 1000% PROOF POSITIVE of criminal intent there needs to be a provision for IMMEDIATE REMOVAL and the person(s) responsible for the Citizen to be DENIED HIS/HER RIGHTS goes directly to Prison with no trial for not less than 5 years as penalty for DENYING another Citizen their RIGHTS.

    Those who would deny another Citizen deserve NO RIGHTS IN THEIR OWN NAME!

    And no ‘law enforcement’ officer, bureaucrat or any other government official has any legitimate excuse for not ensuring their work is accurate.

    IF any false information is presented by any private party, they also go directly to prison, same terms.

    Victim shall be awarded the total of all salaries and wages of any person responsible for the placement on the list as long as they are in prison.

    NO “Injured Spouse” exclusions. They profited from the poor performance of the guilty spouse.

    • Cleverfun

      throw in some #TERMLIMITSFORCONGRESS and I’ ALL IN!

      • Jessicacarndt2


  • ihatelibs


    • Cleverfun

      Buy some more ammo this weekend brother and maybe a few 80% lowers w/jigs!

  • Blue 3

    They sat there for 26 hours and came up with 0 proposals.

    • Cleverfun

      Stupid Liberals took prayer and the Bible out of schools; you know, the Book that says, “Thall Shalt Not Kill” and then when people who were never taught this in school go out & kill a bunch of people, they wanna blame the gun instead of the obvious.

      What a bunch of Monkeys… I blame THEM for US slowly tuning into a third-world-Nation!

      • Blue 3

        Parents job to teach that not the school’s responsibly. The school’s job now is apparently to rewrite history and turn kids into takers.

    • Athanasios1

      What did you expect from those dumb baboons?

      • Blue 3

        About as much as I expect out of racists like you.

        • Athanasios1

          They are the racists. They are in a “Black Only” Caucus. You must be a liberasshole.

          • Blue 3

            That wasn’t the black caucus and that’s not the point. Calling blacks baboons is racist and unproductive. You’re half right. I’m an asshole just not a racist one. Now go fuck yourself.

          • Athanasios1

            That was a group of baboons known as the Black Caucus. I am part Black and I am “Black”, not a nigger or a nigger lover like you. It is Physically impossible for me to fuck myself, but you can go kill yourself you cocksucking, liberasshole. Nobody should speak against the Bill of Rights or the Constitution because illegal aliens and baboons keep abusing the Second Amendment.

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