House votes to restrict Confederate flag in national cemeteries

May 19, 2016

The House approved a Democratic proposal on Thursday to limit the display of the Confederate flag in national cemeteries.

The amendment to a spending bill for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and military construction projects passed 265-159. A total of 158 Republicans opposed the amendment from Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.), while 84 Republicans joined all but one Democrat in supporting it.

Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.), a centrist who is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, was the only Democrat to vote against the amendment. Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) voted “present.”

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) expressed support for allowing the vote despite opposition from a majority of his conference.

“Last year it stopped the appropriations process in its tracks,” he told reporters at a Capitol news conference after the vote.

  • Marguerite


  • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Interesting, since that is NOT the confederate flag but rather a naval ensign.
    The confederate flag is “the bonny blue flag that bears a single star”

  • democrat CockRoach

    What about the gay pride flag?

  • Bill Cash

    With this corrupt bunch we have now I guess the American Flag will be next. This bunch of wusses are already allowing the American Flag to be walked on and disrespected. When Obama was elected to the second term I flew my flag upside down for one week and then took it down and folded it away. Hopefully I can put it back up after this upcoming election.

  • Vangie Martinez

    Whether you like it or not this flag is a part of History. Good and bad. I don’t think it should be removed. You should not rewrite History, hide it or even run from it. It was done, it is and we should remember things and tell about them so that they will not be repeated. I live in New Mexico, I’m a Hispanic Jew. My family came from Spain, running from the Inquisition through Christopher Columbus. Am I happy with what the Catholic Church and the King and Queen allowed to have happened to my People the Jews? NO! Am I happy with what was done to the Native Americans through some of the Spaniards? NO! But it is History. Don’t hide it, don’t run from it. Forgive and learn from it and move on. It happened and is what it is. Don’t be Bitter, Forgive and Learn for those types of things not to happen again for our Children’s sake. Stop being so Politically Correct that we can’t even be reminded or tell the Truth about our Countries History. No one will win in that. Truth heals. Lying and hiding the Truth does not.

  • CMSgt, USAF, Retired

    This bull shit PC crap has gotten totally out of hand. Next we will be taking down “Old Glory” to replace it with the Mexican or ISIS flags. Folks, if we don’t stand up and take back our Country, what are we leaving for our children and grandchildren. Oh, and fire that gutless piece of dung, Paul Ryan who will do nothing to upset the farce in chief.

    • CintiCB

      Right before I read your post, I (sarcastically-mostly, could happen) thought that the american Stars and Stripes (flag) will be replaced with a flag that has a rainbow on it.

  • Wambli525

    We are taught that the North fought the civil war to free the salves … BS.
    In actuality, the Civil War was fought over secession and the right of the North to collect taffies form Southern shipping ports on exports. Further, there is and was nothing in the Constitution that barred secession and in 1848 Lincoln believed that States indeed had the right to secede . He then changed his mind when the South refused to go along with Lincoln’s “peacemaking” attempts (another interesting story) .
    600,000 people died determining the secession question and were told now its all about slavery and the Stars and Bars are bad. Someday States may reclaim rights that have been usurped by the almighty Federal Government and Liberty the truth may once again thrive.


    These brave souls fought under that flag in the quest for States Rights. They should be allowed to have the flag displayed over their resting places! This Congress led by Ryan has pointed America straight towards Hell. When are American’s going to stand up for our rights??

  • jagragg

    Those Veterans were included in the National Commentary system, when CONGRESS accepted them, ALL, as AMERICAN VETERANS. Again, this congress, under Paul Ryan, has acted disgracefully towards American History, Veterans all and broken faith with congressional acts of respect. This is another leftest/progressive (BLM) attempt to eradicate any and all “white values.”

  • T.W.

    The Civil War occurred only because Lincoln wanted it to occur

    and sent warships into a foreign country to resupply a fort that didn’t need to be resupplied. The war was mostly about the same thing that had been hurting Southerners for decades – Northern Federal taxation schemes that made Southerns pay more than twice as much as Northerners. Lincoln offered to make slavery in the South legal “forever” if the states returned to the Union. They didn’t and by doing so proved that the existence of slavery in their states was not their primary motive for seceding, which was and always had been an entirely proper course of action to oppose tyranny. Lincoln later convinced the not-very-bright Northern public that secession somehow amounted to treason. Justice Dept after the war refused to prosecute Jeff Davis for treason because they would have lost, making Lincoln’s war an illegal (and undeclared) war, which it was. No Yankee soldiers ever fought to free any damn Southern slaves.

    • jagragg

      Just read Lincoln’s FIRST inaugural speech. Goes right along with everything you brought up.

      • studi30

        Your avatar, the Gadsden flag was the first flag of the Marines in 1775.

        • jagragg

          In part yes. But my avatar isn’t a clean Gadsden flag either. You are one of the very few that even know that detail of the USMC’s history. WELL DONE!

          Semper Fi~!

          • studi30

            I never served but I love this country and the military that keeps her safe. We are at the hardest time this country has ever faced with that Muslim in the WH and the possibility of the Hildabeast driving the final nails in our country’s coffin. As a historian and a Civil War re-enactor I know our history. My persona during Civil War events in NJ is Marine Corporal Andrew Tomlin. Tomlin was one of two NJ Marines to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. This was at the Second Battle of Ft. Fisher. I know that the little snowflakes of today know nothing about this country. They are indoctrinated by socialist union school teachers and liberal college professors. We have ghettos in Northern cities swarming with low IQ monkeys. Cities driven into the ground by decades of liberal government. When I question people at events I am dismayed at their total lack of knowledge about one of America’s most tragic times in history. My wife and I, both born in NJ over 60 years ago, are Life Members of the NRA. We serve God and our Country the best we can.

          • jagragg

            1973-1979 USMC/RECON
            I am 61 years old.

          • studi30

            OORAH! God bless you for your service. My wife is 68 and I am 67.

    • studi30

      You Rebs opened fire on Ft. Sumter April 12th, 1861 and started the war. What federal taxation? We all pay taxes according to what moneys we bring home. 40 million don’t even pay taxes at all because they are below the poverty line. In NJ we pay the most municipal taxes of any state.

      • jagragg

        “You rebels……”? YES, South Carolina WAS a separate nation at that time, succeeded, due to the 3 FOLD increase taxation of the South. Lincoln & the Republican party FORCED the succession of the Southern states. That party, at that time(?), was heavily influenced by rapid Abolitionists. Had they not started continuous “punitive measures” on the South at every opportunity, the civil war would have never happened. Sort of like the rabid progressive/liberal/Marxist arr today….

  • David Linton

    got to appease the House Apes.

  • Luke

    They should be doing this to that mexican flag that the liberals celebrate every year for cinco de mayo, or whatever the crap it is..

    Long live Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee, God rest their souls..

  • onefour

    Well the panty waists strike again. The confederate army is part of our history which is being denied at every turn. Those that fought with that army needs to have the same respect as those that fought with the union. After all they were fighting for, right or wrong, what they believe in as was the union.

    • jagragg

      Under CONGRESSIONAL MANDATE, shortly after the civil war, ALL of those Confederates were included as AMERICAN VETERANS accorded all and every respect as all Veterans do. That is the very that there are Confederates buried in those National cemeteries to begin with~!!

      • studi30

        Yes Lincoln told Grant to treat the Southern soldiers with respect. Many in the North wanted to punish the South. The Confederate soldiers bested the Union soldiers at the very beginning of the War until the Northern industrial might swamped the South. The industrial might and fighting man of the US beat our enemies in WW2. I get angry with these BLM monkeys for trying to take away the Battle Flag and monuments to the Confederacy. If they knew that Arlington National Cemetery was the 1200 acre estate of Lee, run by 200 slaves would they try to close it? Our National Cemetery was the property of one of the greatest Generals who led his troops into battle behind the Battle Flag. I am a Yankee born and breed from NJ. I am also an American.

        • jagragg

          You have taught me a lesson about Arlington National Cemetery. Thank you kindly and have a great Memorial Day weekend.

          • studi30

            You are welcome. You also have a good weekend. We march in a Memorial Day parade. My wife Judi’s persona is Sister Veronica of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. The Sisters were the very first Naval nurses on the very first Navy Hospital Ship the Red Rover which was in the Mississippi Campaign. They cared for Union and Confederate soldiers alike. Google Sisters of the Holy Cross and Red Rover. My persona is Marine Corporal Andrew Tomlin one of two NJ Marines to be awarded the Medal of Honor. We are also Rev War and WW2 re-enactors.

  • Jerry

    Well Republicans are just plain Democrats anymore, Trump is the only Republican anymore

    • Whitelight32812

      Wrong, Trump is the only true American that has the balls to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done!

      • Jerry

        They had a LGBT bill in the house yesterday, Some protection bill to make them a protected class, Half of the so called Republicans in the House of representatives voted for it. The Communist Liberals lost it by 1 vote

      • studi30

        Trump is a NY Yankee. He just isn’t fighting the Civil War like you down south. All Republicans both North, South, East and West need to band together and keep the Hildabeast from becoming Prez. If she does her appointments for the Supreme Court will take away our guns and freedom in this country.

  • Jerry

    I like the flag, in fact I sell them they are very popular

  • J.B. Young

    These idiots have bigger problems than worrying about conferate flags in federal cemeteries.

  • Mimi

    That is re-writing history and unconscionable! What the heck is in the drinking water in the Beltway?!

  • Ramon1710 .

    Ryan so totally sucks. “Last year it stopped the appropriations process in its tracks. If I didn’t give Obama everything he wanted, the press would have said I was an obstructionist! I don’t think I could take that kind of rejection!”

  • Debra Shawver

    Really….really…my tax dollars being spent on this BS…..that flag as well as the Gadsen flag are PART of our history….enough of the commie/progressive BS!

    • CintiCB

      We MUST keep the uncivilized group (‘victims’) happy.
      This is getting very old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Debra Shawver

        I agree 10000%…VERY OLD!!!!

    • Retired

      Another reason not to vote for people like Clinton and Obama.

  • Don’t these House assholes have better things to legislate on? And we pay their outrageous salaries.

    • Ann

      The Republicans are afraid to attach any rider to a spending bill because the Democrats might not vote it – yet they vote to pass bills that the Democrats attach riders to. I don’t understand – if the Republicans have the majority in the house & senate, how is that they are being held hostage by the Democrats. Vote, use the nuclear option if you have to – then let Obama be the one to veto it and be responsible for shutting down the government. They’re gutless.

      • jagragg

        Yep, old fashion cowardice runs a yellow mark up the back of virtually every “Republican” in congress.

      • Retired

        Many are afraid to get voted out in Nov.

      • studi30

        Because Obama vetoes most of the Republican bills. Before that, when Reid was the head of the Senate, he kept 300 House Republican bills from reaching the Senate floor.

    • voncile fullwood

      it don’t seem to matter to them…they have gotten rich off of us and are scare of Obama

  • Robert Wilson

    So……. we now resent the flag of our forefathers, why not re write our history books to tell the world this is not America, but DISNEYLAND!

    • Robert Wilson

      SINCE i AM THE ONLY CONCERNED CONFEDERATE, I will reply to myself. This “delete” has gone far enough,we should downsize congress, the supreme court, and YOUR president. Clean house, start over. This liberation of the past will not float.

    • Debra Shawver

      The progressives are busy doing just that…does not matter whether there is a D or R behind their names…..just look at the votes and what is voted on…another GOOD reason to stop the BS….go TRUMP

    • judge45colt

      pretty soon the loonies will say it never happened


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