Huckabee: Charleston shooting is proof of ‘evil’ in the world

June 21, 2015

downloadFormer Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Sunday said a mass shooting in South Carolina earlier this week is evidence that evil and sin exist in the universe.

His remarks follow an attack that left nine dead at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., on Wednesday.

“This 21-year-old man – obviously a racist by his own admission – sitting through a prayer and Bible study before standing up and murdering nine people, it really does remind us that we live in a world where there is evil,” Huckabee said of Dylann Storm Roof, the alleged gunman behind the massacre.

  • MarcJ

    There was another mass murder by an insane 21-year old White male who opened fire in a Black church killing 9 Blacks and injuring several more. Mass murders by the clinically insane have become routine events averaging 3-4 per year. How come those lunatics are free to roam and murder?
    Some 40 years ago the ACLU lawyers found through a series of
    lawsuits another “human right” consisting in the criminally insane being able
    to refuse internment and treatment in asylums for such. Such institutions have since then practically disappeared while mass murders by lunatics continue on an almost regular and predictable basis.
    From 1917 till 1939 ACLU was the official legal arm of the Communist Party USA; then the two formally separated without changing their common aims which are: 1) destroy the US Constitution, and 2) take absolute power by a revolution of the “oppressed working classes”.
    That artificial separation was necessary in order to cover up their roles in
    the planned destruction of our formally free constitutional republic. Why
    predictable you ask: mass murders by the insane left to roam free will lead to
    the elimination of our 2nd Amendment with consequent disarming of
    our population as per the recipe of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Tito, Castro, Kim-whatever, and other such murderous despots. My educated guess is that there will be at least two more such mass murders by the lunatics before the end of this 2015 year. Gun control!!! – will be the war cry by our Democrats, progressives, liberals, union goons, socialists, communists, college professors, and other such bottom-feeders, slime, and scum of our formerly free constitutional republic. And B. Hussein Obama – our Marxist Muslim President from Kenya – will lead the attack with some urgency: he only has 18 months left to accomplish the task. My wish was that at least one of those Black worshippers had a concealed weapon permit to put a stop to the slaughter.

    Note: how about that former General Counsel of ACLU sitting on the US Supreme Court? Just give this former refugee from a communist hell any subject coming to the Supreme Court and I will predict with 100% accuracy her vote. Let us remember another free lunatic who tried to assassinate Reagan- he is still free to roam!

  • Capdragon

    Yes, we live in a world where bad things, and bad people, happen.

    You can solve one “evil” problem yourself, Huck, drop out of politics.

  • Catherine McCoy

    Fine words from a man whos son and friends beat a stray dog and then hung it. Nothing happened because his dad is a big cheese. Look this up on Google


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