Hundreds flock to US Capitol to protest money in politics, hundreds arrested

by Associated Press  |  published on April 12, 2016

Hundreds of protesters flocked to the U.S. Capitol Monday for a demonstration against the role of money in politics, prompting arrests of more than 400 by the Capitol police force.

The demonstration was part of a series of “Democracy Spring” protests planned in Washington this week by a coalition of groups.

The demonstrators chanted slogans like “one person, one vote” and “money out of politics” as they sat on the East Front of the Capitol. One sign read “Things go better without Koch,” a reference to the billionaire businessmen David and Charles Koch, who have promised to lead an almost $900 million campaign to back favored candidates this election cycle.

The demonstrators also protested state voter ID laws, saying they suppress voter participation. Another chant protested Democratic “superdelegates” — party figures, such as members of Congress, who are given votes at the Democratic National Convention but are not elected by primary elections or at party caucuses.

  • Ramon1710 .

    “The demonstrators also protested state voter ID laws, saying they suppress voter participation.”
    Yes, like participation of illegal invaders, participation of those too lazy or too stupid to register, participation of the deceased, and participation of multiple vote “voters”.
    These demonstrators sound like more Soros/Sanders backed “useful” idiots.
    Where are the signs saying “Things go better without Soros…without buying votes with taxpayer dollars…without union interference” ????

  • Steve Gifford

    Obama is Mr. Stand down while his special interests riot or avoid prosecution for crimes while shooting a rancher and auditing conservatives. His justice department is the most political justice department ever.

  • J.B. Young

    Hmm…..400 arrested at capitol protest, when blacks were allowed to run rampant burning Ferguson and Baltimore?!

    • Terry Hoagland

      These scums hired by Soros to burn down Ferguson and Baltimore there was a hand full arrested if any but let good people go and protest at how corrupt politics are and FOUR HUNDRED are arrested our freedom is gone if people don’t wake up!!!! TRUMP 2016!!!!

  • CCblogging

    Trump 2016

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