ICE: 124 illegal immigrants released from jail later charged in 138 murder cases

March 14, 2016

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has revealed that 124 illegal immigrant criminals released from jail by the Obama administration since 2010 have been subsequently charged with murder.

A Center for Immigration Studies report on the data from ICE to the Senate Judiciary Committee added that the committee is not releasing the names of the murder suspects.

“The criminal aliens released by ICE in these years — who had already been convicted of thousands of crimes — are responsible for a significant crime spree in American communities, including 124 new homicides. Inexplicably, ICE is choosing to release some criminal aliens multiple times,” said the report written by CIS’s respected director of policy studies, Jessica M. Vaughan.

She added that 75 percent were released due to court orders or because their countries wouldn’t take them back.

  • Abel

    I doubt one could find an “immigration” application or paper within 50 miles of these people. My guess is that they are “illegal migrants,” not “illegal immigrants!”

  • rayser711

    Someday it will have to be explained why Barry was never charged with any atrocity he committed and why he was not relieved of his duties as POTUS !

  • Pat Griffin

    I hope Odummy and his henchmen are happy about this, if it is in fact true.
    But, even controlling both houses, the Republicans can’t seem to do anything to stop his evil acts.

  • Michael Lloyd

    So someone leaves their home country and illegally enters another country where they commit crime*s) and get jailed. They serve their time and because their home country doesn’t want them back, the country they snuck into let’s them free to roam the streets and commit more crimes. Reward the guilty and the innocent pay – some with their lives. Makes perfect sense to a-wipes and boy do we have a bunch of a-wipes in this country.

    • Pat Griffin

      Just shows what evil people do when they get control, and Odummy is the most evil POTUS ever to sit in the oval office.

  • generalJed

    And they wonder why we do not want any illegal aliens in our country. Thank God for concealed carry and the Second Amendment. I have always had firearms at work and next to me at home and asleep. Be prepared! Never hand in your guns to anyone.

  • cutterguy

    obastard’s next job will be in a winery I heard. he would be a good corksoaker.

    • Dennis

      The problem with that is, you’d have to pull all those corks out of Obunghole’s ass, where he would be shoving them. He enjoys getting “corked” in the ass, you know !!!

  • TexRancher

    These criminals are released onto our streets by the subversive president. Obama should be charged as an accomplice in all of their crimes against AMERICANS!

  • paulyz

    But the leftists try to make violent protesters at Trump’s peaceful rallies somehow be Major news & Trump’s fault. They are violating Fed. Law H.R. 347. They ignore the reason why Americans are pissed, violent Illegal Alien Trespassers.

    • cutterguy

      and its the same a-holes from ferguson, Baltimore, etc. causing the trouble

  • carpkiller

    Turn them loose in what remains of the Whitehouse.

  • Citizentobe

    Tea Tephi: You are a clarivident. The fact of the matter is that it has been well planned and orchestrated. He wants to destroy the fabric of this country to perpetuate his control on this second class country, by now.

  • TeaTephi

    Obama has ruled Customs and Border Protection through memorandum and policy directives. Officers are totally frustrated in their efforts to follow the laws, by management that tells them to “not get too wrapped up in the law” and if they don’t toe the line, their careers are threatened.


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