Immigration officials consider bid for new ‘hotel-like’ detention center

June 26, 2016

Federal immigration officials are moving forward with plans for a new 500-bed family detention center to house migrant women and children, even as many advocates and politicians have called for the closure of such facilities altogether.

Officials in Dimmit County, 45 miles from the Texas border with Mexico, say they’ll consider a bid on Monday from a firm who says their facility in a 27-acre former work camp for oil workers would provide dramatically better conditions than two other family detention centers in the state.

Those facilities have faced complaints of poor food, inadequate medical care and allegations of sexual abuse from detainees, activists and the US Civil Rights Commission.

“Our facility offers a community-based alternative that will allow children to live in a home setting, attend school, and access critical legal and social services,” Stratton Oilfield Systems said in a pitch to potential partners.

“They want to have it with no fence,” said Mike Uriegas, a commissioner in Dimmit County, who says he first met with Stratton Oilfield Systems two weeks ago. “They don’t want to appear like a prison or detention center.”

  • Jack

    GOOD IDEA(???),as long as NO TAX PAYERS money is USED.They ANY/ALL bills out of their own pocket(s)

  • reggie

    Are you sure you didn’t misspell it? Sounds more like Dimwit to me.

  • justinwachin

    If these folks don’t want to live in a prison they should stay home in Mexico. American taxpayers work hard. We should not be expected to provide luxurious accommodations to every freeloader who comes to our country.

    There should be steps taken to make sure none of these detainees are able to get pregnant. The last thing we need is a bunch of anchor babies to be born at these detention centers.

    Once the word makes it back to Mexico that illegals are being sent to prison in the United States that may discourage more of them from coming to America.

    • reggie

      But 0blabb0 ignores the Supreme Court, Congress, and citizens. NOBODY has the balls to do a damn thing about it.

  • Born in the South and proud

    Hey stupid it is a dention center so it need to look like one. I’d suggest 16 ft fence with 4 strands of barbed wire on top couple thousand volts should help also

    • reggie

      Put the whole thing on wheels, and send it back over the border, intact. The “compassionate” Swedes tried that, and a skum who claimed to be 15, stabbed to death a 22 year old woman who worked at the detention center.

  • Frankdidit

    By the way, I see Omama throwing away 26 million to build a wall in the middle east. Geee, he does not like Trumps idea to build a wall here. What a piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • reggie

      He’s doubling down to bankrupt us asap. Now he’s doubly pizzed because those white folk in Britain did not listen to his lecture about Brexit. It must be because they’re racist.


    It’s just like Obama and his administration to take care of others instead of Americans

  • Rodney Steward

    Why waste money for these gutter rates when we have Gitmo being emptied, if they’re good after a while turn them loose in Cuba, they should fit right in!

    • Born in the South and proud

      hmmmm, good idea

      • Rodney Steward

        I too am Born in the South and Proud of it!! You look like you’re on the eastern side, I’m in the Central!! 🙂 We’ve got a bad road ahead of us brother!!

  • Kent2012

    another invitation to come and stay…lets get all those mothers and their children here so that the idiot democrapos can have another campaign talking point about how “compassionate” they are and how hateful the GOP is…lets build that wall and anyone that is here and not able to get a green card needs to be escorted to the border…those clowns in Mexico City can then take their own people home and care for them…

    • reggie

      Yeah, compassionate until they get the vote, then we’re stuck with the bill. Sorry, where’ the compassion for OUR people? OUR Vets, Our Elderly? Charity starts at home.

      • Kent2012

        and it should stay at home….well unless we are sharing a little nuclear education with the rags or the commies…from 30,000 feet..

        • reggie


  • Saltporkdoc

    How about spending the money on one way tickets back home?

    • Rodney Steward

      Why spend any money at all, just put up a sign with a big finger pointing in the same direction they come from!! If we would stop all the free stuff, they’d go back home!!

      • reggie

        E-verify – throw a few employers in jail. Problem solved immediately.

    • reggie

      Oh, he’s taking care of us all right. Moochelle and moochettes are on another taxpayer vacation. Judicial watch tries, and it takes years to get some idea of their little jaunt’s costs. Of course there’s mama, a few friends, a few movie stars… So, from the numbers they’ve been given, extrapolating the cost of AF 1, etc. About $10,000,000 a YEAR. With the hidden costs, who knows.

  • Peter Smith

    They don’t want to “appear like a prison or detention center.” Well h-ll, probably shouldn’t have decided to be ILLEGAL aliens, huh. Even the current detention camps are hell and gone better than what they had in Central and South America. If they don’t like the “accommodations”, easy, GO HOME!


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