Iraqi Christians denied asylum in US, facing looming expulsion

October 2, 2015

Nearly two dozen Iraqi Christians who fled ISIS and crossed into the U.S. from Mexico seeking religious asylum have been denied protection and could be booted from American soil within days, a federal official said.

Some 27 Iraqi Christians, known as Chaldeans, were held at the Otay Detention Center in San Diego since entering the U.S. in April and May. Seven have already been extradited, and five more criminally charged with making false statements. In all, 22 have been ordered out of the U.S. and five still have asylum applications pending, according to Lauren Mack, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in San Diego.

“This is extremely disturbing and wrong,” Jim Jacobson, president of Christian Freedom International, told “I’ve never seen anything like this and I’ve been doing this work for more than 20 years. Western governments should allow persecuted minority Christians asylum within their borders. This should be a priority over other asylum seekers.”

  • Joseph Le Bard

    http://www.petition2congress/ N.Carolina has it on there ballad in 2016 elections.

  • Where the hell is the over-site on this immigrant dealings? Hussein wants to bring in milllions of satan worshiping muslims but refused to help he Christian! Our military needs to jerk this jerks ass out of the Oval Office, stick a rifle butt up his butt, and toss him in Gitmo with the rest of his Terrorist BFF’s! Friggin Disgusting we have such a cowardly and treasonous President!

  • brtw

    So sad and so true. What’s wrong w/ the democrats?????????????????

  • hbcark

    The current administration has turned from God and worship at the altar of the ruler of this world.

    • jyrine

      They worship Satan.

  • Rx7pj

    About 100% of the Mexicans crossing our border are minority Christians

    • reagangs

      We hope. We also hope that none are radical jihadist from some where else. But the US citizens will never know in Obummer’s world.

  • jimdarnall

    We have a backward and evil mindset in the administration that will allow terrorists, Islamic extremists but not Christian refugees into our country. there is something extremely wrong with that. The question is how do we stop it?.

  • TORO

    Christians are politically incorrect so it means we do not want a hand out just a hand up. This does not add up to votes. The present POTUS is not concerned for Christians or Jews just, Muslims, Communists and those who want a hand out. Just to prove my points please look at what this imposter is doing. He dismantles our military and supports Russia and radical Muslims like Iran. He frees five radical Muslim Prisoners for one military traitor. He takes every opportunity to attempt to disarm we the honest Americans while passing out guns to Mexican cartel. He allows our Embassy to be attacked and our citizens to be murdered. He puts on a phony act on prime time when there is a violent gun shooting in our colleges, but says nothing to the constant black on black murders through out the U S, and all in Democratically controlled states or cities.

    • podunk1

      That’s about as good as writing gets – write more…often…everywhere! You can make a difference!!!

    • Joseph Le Bard

      http://petition2congress/ N.Carolina has it on there ballad in 2016 elections thank you.

  • Geezer Ted

    We had problems in our country and we stood up like men and women, looked the Devil in the eye and changed what the vast majority of us felt was wrong, but not without a lot of blood and lost lives. Now we are being overrun by “People” who tuck their tail between their legs, drop on all fours, and scamper for our country. The early Christians stood up where they were for their faith and many paid the price.

  • Bob2002

    More evidence we have a Muslim in our White House. You can bet your house on it that if these were Muslims, Obama would write an EO to allow them to stay here. Truly disgusting action by a president who swears he is a christian; we know differently though.

  • jdbixii

    If anyone had told me what the U.S. would be like 45 years after military service, I doubt that I would have bothered to serve. Certainly, there is little to admire about our current leadership, the state of our legislative body and the trends in American society which promote values that give new meaning to “Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes.” The waste in American society is beyond belief. The lack of common sense and the logic of cause and effect which have pervaded every aspect of life and government with no apparent attempt to listen to voices of reason, to see the error of the directions in which we have been led, is appalling. The inertia of stupidity and indifference to the lessons of history are dooming us to a fitting consequence.
    What moron actually believes that debt is the solution to all his problems?

    • podunk1

      well said!

      This is an opportunity to draw lines in the sand, and end the destruction to America… draw the rats out of their holes & demand justice in local & state courts by JURY as in Amendment 5, 6, &7.

      TORO below had an excellent summary (below)

    • Amen to that, Brother! Same here! We did not fight and give part of ourselves for our nation to become a vomit bucket of leftist and Islamic perversion as it is today, with a tyrant sitting in the Oval Office!

    • jyrine

      I’m with ya jdbixii. I spilt a lot of blood and have considerable difficulty functioning now after my war-time service in 1968-70. I love my country but I an heartbroken at this Communist take-over and the failure of younger, more able-bodied citizens to step into the breach and protect the Republic. Going to meetings and writing an endless stream of letters beseeching the remaining Patriots in government to do their duty has proved fruitless. Have they not visited the monuments to the sacrifices of so many in Washington D.C.. Have they not looked at their reflection in the Vietnam Memorial.

  • Vicki Kuner Mattingly

    total BS they let every other tom,dick and harry in

  • Elizabeth

    Dear Jim Jacobson, there is a process. And, did you not read about the fraudulent statements? They must first be vetted to prove their claims. They came illegally. If you or I did something illegal we would be put in jail! I am a Christian, but our country separates state from religion. Perhaps you would agree to sign for them. Which means that you agree to provide 110% above poverty line for their needs for ten years! Congress made GOOD LAWS, but where or where has our EXECUTIVE BRANCH gone ???

    • Brad Bryant

      Get a clue lady! Obama’s and Kerry’s Muslims are welcome by the hundred thousands and can’t be vetted. See Senator Jeff Sessions grilling of immigration staff in hearings this week. Christians are denied. Mexicans and other terrorists are streaming across our Southern border and are being located in cities across the country by the Obama administration. Christians no way. There is a Christian Holocaust going on in the Middle East and you, as a Christian, should be doing something to help, not criticizing them for fleeing to the USA any way they can. They are desperate people. While you turn your head away, like we did to the Jews in the forties. Shame on you!!!

      • Joseph Le Bard

        http//petition2congress/ N.Carolina has it on there ballad in 2016 elections for the grace of GOD

        • jyrine

          Please explain your posting.

          • Joseph Le Bard

            Sure , But first explain your educational back ground.

          • jyrine

            Your response to my question is rude and I ask it because your post makes no sense. You start with what appears to be a web site but you give no explanation. Then you wrote, “N. Carolina has it on there ballad” (do you mean, their ballot?). Then you write “in 2016 elections for the grace of GOD” if you meant to quote that phrase from the bible it’s,
            I Corinthians 15:10, “But by the grace of god, I am what I am…”

          • Joseph Le Bard

            No disrespect intended some people do not understand the constitution most believe it’s govermental an it’s not it belong’s to the people, Yes it is a website an N.Carolina is out lawing islam in there state an it is on there ballot (auto correct ) the site will bring you to a petition that will with enough vote’s introduce out law islam to your state sorry for the rudeness but there are alot of trolls an most people text an thank me no one has questioned it I dont write bible quote’s altho I am orthodox christain.

          • jyrine

            No sweat.

    • Bob2002

      What do you mean there is a process and they must be properly vetted? We have a president who was NOT properly vetted by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

      • Rx7pj

        Yes he was, he just didn’t pass your bigoted hate test.

        • Bob2002

          Listen to the largest bigot on this blog. No one asked an Obama troll to inject their comments here.

          • jyrine

            Spot on Bob2002, thank you.

  • jerry

    Our Government only cares for Muslims.
    2016 things should change!!!!!!!

    • Rx7pj


      • podunk1

        You’re an expert wallowing in and swallowing it???

        Me thinks it’s about to hit the fan where treason will become treason again, and those booted will move from a corrupted office of pleasure into a cage called jail.

      • jyrine

        You are a foul mouth moron Rx7pj.

      • jyrine

        Rx7pj, must be a TROLL.


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