Jimmy Carter: White Americans cling to ‘feelings of superiority’ toward minorities

June 6, 2015

JimmyCarterFormer President Jimmy Carter told AARP Bulletin during a recent interview that many Americans hold “feelings of superiority” toward minorities.

Mr. Carter spoke on a range of subjects with the magazine, including campaign spending and lobbyists, but he made a point to say that the U.S. still is lacking in terms of safeguarding civil rights.

“The recent publicity about mistreatment of black people in the judicial and police realm has been a reminder that the dreams of the civil rights movement have not been realized. […] Many Americans still have racist tendencies or feelings of superiority to people of color,” Mr. Carter told AARP Bulletin, The Hill reported Thursday.

  • tom2

    Lefties love Jimmuh’ because he gave us the “first train wreck” while he attempted a lame “fundamental transformation.” Many of us personally experienced Jimmuh’s accomplishments that included two new departments, Education and Energy along with 9% unemployment, 20% prime rate and 18% short term interest rates. He used the new Department of Education to start “feeding the kids,” a program now vastly expanded as part of the current leftist’s “fundamental transformation.” He surrendered the Panama Canal to a weak and disorganized rabble that was easily taken over in 1983 by Manuel Noriega, a dictator whose main business was dealing illegal drugs. Reagan removed and imprisoned Noriega who was extradited in 2011 and now is serving 20 years in a Panama prison. Jimmuh’ also allowed Fidel Castro to empty his jails and and sail them to American shores where they were quickly granted asylum.

    Jimmuh’ leaked our top secret stealth technology hoping for reelection. He allowed Iranian nuts to take over the American Embassy and hold hostages until the very day of Reagan’s inauguration. His lame, under-powered attempt at rescuing them ended in disaster and world scorn. We sought gasoline for our cars in lines where people waited until they literally ran out of gas. Many waits were hours long and involved arguments and fist fights. He sat idly while the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. He issued an executive order declaring unconditional amnesty for Vietnam War-era draft dodgers. He established the Community Reinvestment Act that prevented banks from denying credit and loans to the poor. He was first to address gay rights as special and beyond what the Constitution already provided. Clearly, such decisions have lasting effects and we still suffer with many of his choices. Regardless of the next president’s ideology, experience, skill and intelligence, more than two terms will be needed to recover from the current regime’s decisions, perhaps 50-100 years.

  • studi30

    You mean Jimmah Carter, Southern KKK member.

  • Satan, take this servant of yours, Jimmy Carter, back home to Hell! He is as worthless as a Muslim Pig! Let them both die horrible deaths!

  • Mike J. Hrivnak

    How dare Carter call all whites racist as though we are all alike? If someone said that all members of another race were alike, he’d be up in arms. But he can lump whites together as racist? What color is he – senile?

  • KentS

    Jimmy who?

  • Duke

    Jimma is and always has been a blithering idiot. Send him to his room and keep in indoors so he doesn’t do more harm. Hey people everywhere, including the press, don’t pay any attention to this guy. If the press is hard up for an article, they should print something good and cute like a story about a smart and helpful pet that is a lot smarter and more helpful than Jimma. My ten and a half year old Black Miniature Poodle certainly qualifies, as does my nine year old Bay Quarter Horse.

  • ijohnc1

    The guy is trying to recover his title as worst president ever, afraid he will again be in second place when the narcissistic bastard in the white house is done.

  • KDC

    He needs to take a nap. Just the fact that he’s talking to AARP, shows me he’s a moon bat. AARP is in BO’s pocket. Maybe he feels he’s superior and thinks everyone feels that way.

    • studi30

      Go to AMAC for a replacement to AARP. The Association of Mature Adult Citizens is the Conservative antidote to AARP.

  • Ron Long

    Gee Jimmy, thanks for that profound insight, now go back to the rest home you are overdue for your meds. I would like to point out a few things about Jimmy, He was POTUS when an act of war was perpetrated against the US by the Iranian Muslims, he did nothing. Look at them now. This is the person who sold the Iraqis Chemical weapons, which they used against their own people and along the border with Iran in the border disputer, anybody remember that? Not to mention that his Mother, Miss Lillian, always said the Billie was the smart one. But history will record that he is only the second worst President is US history, Obama has that record cinched as number one worst President, ever!!

  • ADRoberts

    Well, he does not know anything about me or other white people I know. Maybe he is talking about himself?

  • CantBPC Anymore

    This idiot left GA bankrupt and the USA laughing at him. He was ignorant then and is ignorant now.

  • Gerry Costa

    He just doesn’t know enough to shut up and fade away. Not only is he the 2nd worst president in American history after granting amnesty to all the cowards who ran to Canada, he just has to keep making ignorant statements. Why don’t you just shut the hell up live out the rest of your life on your peanut farm or whatever farm you have you coward loving POS.

  • Mike N

    Jimmy Carter is irrelevant. He was a failure as a President and he continues to push his failed positions.

  • savage24

    Carter has been having bouts with senility for years and should not be allowed out in public without adult supervision. But what is worse is that there are still people out there willing to give him a pulpit to spread his senility.

    • ijohnc1

      He needs helmet on for sure if he leaves his house

  • Webb

    Jimmy, Jimmy,Jimmy…White America Is the Blame for all our Ills!
    When all else Fails, Blame… “White Privilege”!
    Its time we no longer Accept Blame for being White…bearing No one of Color
    ill will, we are all born to the color God intended…Liberals its time to move On!
    Coninued Division of Color, just creates Animosity among all Americans!

  • MegaMouseGW

    The true racists are the BLACKS. They get a lot of crap handed to them and yet they want more. Does anyone blame Whites for hating most minorities?? The biggest portion of minorities bring it upon themselves with their attitude that everyone owes them something.

  • Phyllis

    After reading the crap Carter said, I think the only person I may feel superior to…is him…what a creep, and he was even creepier when he came up here to Michigan to be the keynote speaker for Hamas…

    • Dolores Adams

      Any American that support hamas needs to get his head examined.

    • ADRoberts

      He is a Bilderberg. And if he stops serving them, they will kill him.

  • donemyhomework

    I believe that Jimmy Carter thinks he is doing the right thing. I have never agreed with Jimmy carter. When the Iranians took the Embassy and took the hostages. we should have held 100,000 Iranians hostage for each of the hostages they held. And with the threat of destroying their means of income. That was the only way to control the situation. But he failed. Jimmy Carter is a limp dick.

  • jdbixii

    Dixie and the South were responsible for the economic institution of slavery.
    Feelings of superiority and advantage, perpetuated on the basis of difference are normal and are a rudiment of education. All people do not have the same or equal, innate or acquired ability to learn. It is a fact of life out of which masters and servants are made. While the South perpetuated the system based on the advantages of birth, education has perpetuated discrimination, necessarily, because life can be no other way. If the poor and uneducated or ignorant were allowed to be masters, we would all be poor, uneducated and ignorant, or the frustration of failure would have caused the poor and uneducated to relinquish their authority to those with ability and the natural evolution of society to an order where success in doing something was the sole criterion which determined right. Giving people false hope, the idea that because a person in innately less capable than another, society is at fault and the system must be changed to reward the less capable person at the same level, as a standard, defies the definition of standard. If, before a test were administered, a statement such as, “all non-degreed people and all non-whites will fail this test,” implying that only educated, white people would succeed to be qualified and eligible for whatever reward resulted, the invalidity of discrimination would be obvious. If, however, a test were administered to all, without regard to any other factor than the ability to read the test, educational level or experiential knowledge would be the sole criterion accounting for the results of the test which discriminated between success and failure.
    What teacher could “gear” a test to the educational level of the least able person in a class? What teacher could “gear” a test so that only white students had the ability to pass the test? Because a person is ignorant or stupid and they persistently disobey the law, for example, they are discriminated against because they have committed an infraction of the law.
    The law is neither black or red, or white or yellow or any combination of those pure races. But, where God says, “I accept you as you are,” the world system says, “Pass this and you may be accepted as qualified to do something other than be black, red, white or yellow or some combination of these fundamental pigmentations of skin.
    Life will never be ANY OTHER WAY because of the need for excellence in education and the fundamental need to discriminate based on the ability to understand that there is a right answer and there are a lot of wrong answers. There are legitimate laws and there are illegitimate laws. The question is whether obedience to the law leads to discrimination by or against the individual.

    • donemyhomework

      I agree with some things that you say as a matter of historic fact, But I disagree with your ideology. There is no right answer, The only right answer is to get people on the same page, in the same modality. With the same basic constructs…and with the same ability to visualize something that makes sense for the entire population. That is what America is supposed to be about. With the exclusion of the American Indians. For some reason, America has beaten them to death. And that’s the real pity.

      • jdbixii

        With respect to basic information in history, math, language and many of the other academic subjects, there are correct answers to questions asked. This is what I meant concerning the “test” as a qualifying criterion without regard to any other personal factor than an individual’s knowledge of a subject. There will always be discrimination, by virtue of the difference in test results or scores, which either qualify or disqualify people in a particular area or field or subject. To reward all equally, regardless of ability or knowledge, would deny the meaning of reward and would render the system purposeless.
        The education system, per se, is responsible to determine who can and can not learn, and to qualify or disqualify them on the basis of universally-applicable standards represented in testing. The excuse that skin color is a criterion used to determine a factor of eligibility or validity or discrimination is ludicrous. This is not to say that prejudice based on skin color does not exist. It does.

        • donemyhomework

          Look, the last time I took a test, it was a piece of paper and didn’t care what color I WAS…So get off of it.

    • Gerry Costa

      If you did any research instead of just making ignorant posts you would find out that it was the NATIVE Africans that sold their own people into slavery. The people in the south had nothing to do with its origin. Do some research instead of playing obozo’s and the demoRAT party’s blame game.

    • ijohnc1

      A secular progressive troll is easy to spot, now get back to looking in the mirror to see how proud you are of yourself.

    • tom2

      You’re obviously ill informed and of little education yourself. Consider this:



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