John Kasich backs legal status for illegal immigrants

October 7, 2015

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said nonviolent illegal immigrants are here to stay and trying to deport them would cause “sheer panic” among Hispanics, saying Tuesday that the U.S. must find a way of legalizing them.

Toeing a more liberal line on immigration than some of his rivals in the 2016 GOP presidential race, Mr. Kasich vowed during an appearance before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that he would not lead an aggressive crackdown on illegal immigrants.

  • CharlieSeattle

    The correct term is……………….illegal aliens NOT illegal immigrants!

  • Mike J. Hrivnak

    Kasick is a liberal disguised as a conservative. He is out of touch with his base and will not have my support!

  • CommonSense4America

    Hmmmm,,,,,wonder why Trump is leading in the polls?

  • Piss on Kasucks! No wonder he doesn’t even register on candidate scale! He really should consider running on the Democratic ticket, because he is No Conservative at all!

  • reggie

    Hey John, how about the sheer panic of our citizens who can’t find a job. Shame on you. You are elected to represent the citizens of the UNITED STATES. Crawling under a fence like a lizard does not make them legal because you scum bags want illegals to vote and you want to destroy the country. The WRITTEN law of the United States of America does not make them legal. Go to mexico you traitor,

  • KDC

    Kasich is all done, not that he was in the running in the 1st place. This, to me, sealed his fate!

  • paulyz

    Kasich just gave the weak, non-solution like all Establishment Rinos & Democrats, basically “another” Amnesty that will encourage MORE ILLEGAL Trespassers. Adios Kasich!

  • DocJimmy

    I was born in Ohio and for that – I apologize. I no longer speak with praise about the state I was born in and reluctantly indicate so on my Passport applications. When the Governor of a State does NOT live and govern by the Rule of Law – like our illegal POTUS, I take steps to avoid being guilty by association. I had always thought that The Buckeyes had better sense than to elect a jerk……. I also thought the same thing in 2008 and again in 2012. The maddness better stop in 2016 or the U.S.A will be no more…….

  • KDC

    Nah! He’s showing his true colors. I knew he’d reveal himself as an EstRep GOP bought out RINO.

    • bobnstuff

      Not RINO, true old school republican. Also an endangered species.

      • KDC

        I’m glad they’re endangered, then.

  • bobnstuff

    John Kasich being honest and not promising something that can’t be done. That’s not good. Next he could tell us that you can’t cut taxes and spend more money while cutting the national debt. You will never be elected by telling the truth, the people want easy fixes to problems that can’t be fixed. Promise everything.

    • KDC

      Nah, he’s never been in the running anyways!

      • bobnstuff

        To bad, He is the only republican running that has a clue. I guess when you know you don’t have a chance you can afford to be honest.

  • Thomas Goss

    I agree with the guy below, ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL, I don’t understand why these morons in Washington can’t understand that. And yea the ALL have to go. These morons in Washington are the reason my country is going to hell. AND THEY TO HAVE GOT TO GO.

    • reggie

      They understand that illegals vote. They understand that illegals work for cheap under the table. They understand that big business pads their pockets with lucre in exchange for favors. They’re prostitutes. The more money they get, the more they bend over.

  • Rhonda Hunt

    Anyone who is voted in will not deport these Illegals,they may say they will including Trump,but when it come down to it they will not be able to get through Congress to”get her done” this is a pipe dream,thinking the politicians will do what’s right on any matter,America is over as we have known it,Washington has seen to that and with out a civil war,nothing will change.——Jim Hunt

    • KDC

      Thats a good point.

    • SDofAZ

      That is why in 2016 each and every rino and dem wit running in congress must be voted out. Destroy the power base of the rinos and dems. Replace them with conservatives at EACH and EVERY opportunity. Otherwise the very gridlock we have seen Bon*er and McConnell drive in DC since the Nov 2014 elections will continue. But McCain, etc who are running need to go. We need conservatives who will follow through, not more of the rinos, dems, and traitors!

    • paulyz

      Let’s give Trump a try first, I have NEVER heard any politician speak so forcefully on ILLEGAL Trespassing, not worried about political correctness! Trump may be the ONLY one to get this done. Just look what Obama accomplished in the opposite direction.

    • reggie

      All that has to happen is that the Border Patrol and others are told to follow the written law. No need to involve anyone else. No need for any new laws. A few strokes of the pen, that’s it. No crawling over the border, no freebies if they can’t prove their status, e-verify. All on the books. No need to deport, they’ll self deport. States want sanctuary cities? Fine, let them pay for it.

  • Bowserb

    OK. This guy has admitted his position. Most of the GOP candidates are keeping their positions secret, because the truth is, they mostly all want what their big donors want: more people spending money on groceries and general merchandise. They don’t care who they are or where the money comes from–as in the case of increased welfare spending. Walmart, Target, all the big retailers plus the phone companies making millions and millions in profits from “free” cellphones for food stamp recipients. The problem is they don’t care, and we pay the price.

    The cost in overcrowded bi-lingual schools, pollution, taxes to provide more illegal benefits to families of illegals. No one in DC cares, because they and their families are set for life, and the taxpaying citizens of America be damned. One thing they all want to do, though, and they keep that secret, too, is to disarm all honest citizens. There is fear that at some point we might just say no, we’re not paying any more, and then our guns will be a big problem for them.

  • msueh

    and – WHO cares if they panic???

    • Pam

      Actually, that would be a GOOD thing if they panic. They might self-deport. And if any tried to shoot it out with their “Fast & Furious” guns, we could send them back in body bags.

      • reggie

        Forget sending them back. Dig a pit.

  • william couch

    This pic makes him look as stupid as he is,,,, that’s the reason he has no poll #’s.

  • VirgoVince

    BULLSHIT, rino!! Illegal is illegal and they ALL gotta go!!!!

    • SDofAZ

      My very thoughts exactly. Well said VirgoVince!

    • GetTheFactsFirst

      Yes, the ILLEGAL Aliens should not be entitled to be called immigrants. I was born in a foreign country and had to follow the hard, long and expensive route to become a Legal Permanent Resident. As soon as the waiting period is over I aim to become a citizen with full allegiance to only these United States of America. Even then many will still call me an immigrant, that is fine BUT it should not be tarnished by confusing my status with those who chose to be ILLEGALLY present in our country.

      • reggie

        Welcome immigrant, my mother was one too. Did the same thing, learned the language and assimilated.

        • oldvinnie

          Mine too!

      • My wife if foreign, from Europe. Back in 1972, I wanted her to fly to the USA, we marry, and then worry about her legal status, but she refused to be an illegal. We had to be apart for seven months waiting on her Green Card! But it was worth it, since we are still together, all these decades later!

  • TexRancher

    No we don’t need to find a way to legalize them! They are law breaker and anything short of deportation effectively puts them in line ahead of honest IMMIGRANTS (which ILLEGALS ARE NOT) who have spent years and thousands of dollars trying to come here legally! No way should these border jumpers be rewarded which breaking the law and neither should the taxpayers and honest immigrants be PUNISHED in order to “LEGALIZE” them.

    You just shot your political chances John. You are violating your oath of office with this! Your job was and is to enforce the laws legislatively and this won’t cut it!

    • KDC

      Send them packing!


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