John Kasich Campaign Claims They Weren’t Invited to CPAC – But Organizers Say He ‘Rejected’ Them

by JOE PERTICONE  |  published on February 19, 2016

Ohio Governor John Kasich’s campaign claims he was not invited to the 2016 American Conservative Union’s “Conservative Political Action Conference,” otherwise known as “CPAC,” which is held in Maryland next month.

But ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp insists that it was Kasich who chose not to attend the annual conservative convention.

In a meeting with reporters at The Heritage Foundation headquarters in Washington on Thursday afternoon, Schlapp said:

“Unfortunately, John Kasich did not feel like CPAC should be on his agenda and he’s taking a pass.”

The Kasich campaign is telling a different story than Schlapp and the ACU.

  • Pam

    For someone who has said “I should have run as a democrat” and “my views are somewhere between Clinton and Sanders”, why would he even WANT to attend CPAC? They would be speaking a language he does not understand.

  • Anthony

    OH, OH John Kasich there is a Politician dropping a Fib, saying he was not invited, shame, shame , shame, on you

  • kcwas

    Go Trump I like an honest adult for the leader of the Country I love… one who won’t be bought or bullied and is not already lap trained….on all whys dishonesty fills your pockets with tax payers money …

  • Seedman

    John has his few moments in the news, no matter. I will enthusiastically be voting for Ted Cruz as next president! Ted is the best leader since Ronald Reagan.

    • kbfallon

      He’s never lead anything…he is another typical phony. He’s alienated himself wherever he’s been. These are the ones we are trying to get rid of! He has started to show how he knows all the sneaky-dastardly lying politician tricks….more will come for sure. A Canadian Cuban for our president? No way-I thought the same until I dug deep into his background. By the way – his name is Rafael Cruz…not Ted.

      • Seedman

        Typical of a Don Juvenile devotee, to launch verbal unfounded aspersions. Ted Cruz is an American. As such, and the best leader, I will heartily support and vote for him as president!

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