John Kasich, Ted Cruz not likely to support Donald Trump as GOP nominee

March 30, 2016

Want to know what’s happening in Ohio government and politics from Columbus to Washington, D.C.? The Columbus Dispatch has you covered.

It’s been heading here for awhile but don’t be surprised when the remaining GOP presidential candidates don’t support the eventual nominee, especially if that turns out to be frontrunner Donald Trump, Dispatch Public Affairs Editor Darrel Rowland writes.

What Sen. Ted Cruz said: “I’m not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife, who attacks my family.”

What Ohio Gov. John Kasich said: If the nominee “is somebody I see as hurting the country,” he won’t back him. “I’ve been disturbed by some of the things I’ve seen.”

What Trump said: “I have been treated very unfairly. I’ll see who it is.”

  • ItsJo

    These “Scheming Fools, had Trump SIGN a Pledge to the Republican Party, and NOW, they don’t Want to support him if HE IS THE FRONTRUNNER?”
    They have proven that ALL are Liars/ Traitors to what WE THE PEOPLE WANT
    and THIS, will be their OWN DOWNFALL. What schemers and Liars, who had their time in Congress to HELP America STOP Obama, but they IGNORED us sending them on to win BOTH THE HOUSE/SENATE AND DID NOTHING.

    Shows me what these two sleazebags, and the Rest of the Rino’s/ and Old Establishment Really IS ALL ABOUT.



  • Ken says

    The Establishment is organizing and scripting this power play. wouldn’t it be great if the RINOs were all tossed into the Democratic Party and could take off their “sheeps clothing”. Then they could fight among themselves for the available Congressional Seats as real Democrats. The Conservatives and Moderates could elect House and Senate nominees that would represent them not flip them off.

  • Marion E McKenzie

    Trump doesn’t need Cruz Support…Cruz backers will vote for Trump when they Lose Cruz…lose Cruz Lose Cruz Lose Cruz….

  • First off, not a big Trump supporter. Was not planning to vote for him in the Primary, and still may not. This being said, Cruz, Kasich and the rest of the GOP “Leadership” demanded that Trump vow to support whom ever the Party nominates, yet when Trump pulled ahead in the polls they puled their support of Trump. I guess that since the voters had the temerity to support one that the “Party” was not going to nominate, their voice should be ignored? If that is the case, what are we…Democrats?
    The GOP went with the “Party” nominee in 2000 and while Pres. Bush did win, he never was really the choice of the “little guy”. we next allowed the media to make our choices in 08 and 12, running people who never really had a chance. Now that the “people” have chosen one who can not be controlled by “the boys on the board”, they have decided they will not support him. Why? If they demanded we support McCain and Romney, should we not expect the same consideration?
    Before they get their panties in a bunch, remember that staying home is a vote for Hillary. Running a third party candidate? Two words…Ross Perot.

    • Jane

      You are so right. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If Trump was asked to sign that agreement and all the others did so also, if they don’t do what they say in an agreement they all signed, then why should we believe a word they are saying NOW on the campaign journey. Politics is nothing more than a cheating and lying game anymore. The sore losers will do anything to buy your vote, and promise you the world, but once they get in if they get in, it is totally different. What are Cruz and Kaisich, Obama, lovers? then if they go the other route to root Trump out, with what they say is getting a totally different candidate, the republican party, is going to lose completely. Why allow everyone to vote, if our votes will not count. Thought Hillary and Bernie were the only true liers in the competition, but if the republicans do oust Trump, they are no better than the democrats and we as a nation are all damned for destruction of the worst kind. If we vote for Trump, our vote should count and mean something, I thought we were a democracy. Evidently, we once were, but now, it looks more and more like a 3rd world country. Shame on the politicians. Can’t fight a good fight without pouting. Bunch a babies in my book.

      • The major thing that may stop is the media. Have you noticed how if Trump helps an old woman across the street, Boy Scout style, he’s anti-woman and anti-elderly? The media went after Petraeus with a fury for violating security, yet have given Clinton a pass on far worse. They went after Bush for every single combat death yet ignore Benghazi. To say it’s one sided would be like having the Super Bowl winner play the Pee Wee runner up and call it a “level playing field”.

    • Ken says

      No Bob – we are not Democrats – we are Conservatives and Moderates that have been flipped off by the RINOs that lied to get elected. They are the Democrats in “sheep clothing”. For the first time in 27 years we have MAY have a choice – a candidate from both Parties that was not placed there by the Establishment and God knows they Establishment is panicked over the thought of losing Power.

      • Thanks for seeing my point. For too long the nominee has NOT been who the people want but who the Party “Leadership” wanted. I never could understand how a person could be leading in all the polls prior to the primary season, then get hammered at the results. I bet they (the “Leadership” is trying to figure out how this is not happening now. Same is happening in the Democratic primaries. More people are turned away from a Sanders rally than attend a Clinton one, yet she is gong to get the nominee.

        • Ken says

          Hang in there – we just may win again – it happened in 1980 and history says the Establishment went crazy.

  • Robert Early


  • Seedman

    It is becoming more and more likely with the daily tsunami of unfavorable news concerning Trump that he withdraws before the convention. Mona Charen writes he is “emotionally unstable”, Ann Coulter jokes he is “mental”, and Stephanie Cegielski writes he “does not have the humility to admit what he does not know.”

    • Ken says

      The Establishment writes the script and pays the salaries of the MSM Talking Heads – watch, as only negative “news” will be on the networks and that can be handled by not watching network news. The Establishment has to get the Voters back in control or they will be out and 27 years of destructive agenda will be lost. GO TRUMP


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