Judge orders Hillary Clinton email releases every 30 days

by JOSH GERSTEIN  |  published on May 27, 2015

A federal judge issued an order Wednesday requiring the State Department to make public batches of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails every 30 days starting next month.

U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras also set particular targets for the agency to meet each month as it wades through the roughly 30,000 emails totaling about 55,000 pages. (The percentages set for each disclosure can be viewed in the judge’s written order, posted here.)

The monthly disclosure essentially splits the difference between the State Department’s most recent proposal of releases every 60 days and lawyers for Vice News reporter Jason Leopold, who proposed releases every two weeks.

The State Department initially proposed releasing the vast majority of the emails in a single batch by next January, but Contreras rejected that suggestion, citing the public interest in the materials.

  • carpkiller

    It will be late 2016 before the important ones will ever see the light of day.

  • curtmavi38

    The judge should have started with Hillary Clinton you are ordered to furnish the server that these e-mails were sent from and received, I will give you 2 weeks to get it here or face prosecution. Bill and Hillary think they can do anything they want to and not be asked about it or pay the consequences that other Americans have to pay. Now is the time to punch a hole in that bubble. I hope those who would vote for Hillary would wake up and realize that they will the be in the same boat as we are when she sinks America with her corruption, meh

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