Karl Rove: Only Way To Stop The Violence Is To Repeal Second Amendment

June 22, 2015

download (1)Republican strategist Karl Rove said on “Fox News Sunday” the only way to stop gun-related violence, like the Wednesday massacre at Emmanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston S.C., was to repeal American citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

When Chris Wallace asked Rove how we can, “stop the violence,” the long-time gun-rights advocate stated that we have made great strides as a nation in empathizing with the victims of these types of shootings, but the only way to guarantee they will stop is to “remove guns from society.”What do you think?

WALLACE: How do we stop the violence?What do you think?

  • Jack


  • I remember

    Unfortunately, only part of his statement was given.I was angry with him when I heard the report on what he said, but later heard the entire statement. He followed up with this could never happen and it would be wrong to do so.

  • Ronney

    Hay Mr. Rove I am pretty much a law biding citizen, when that happens I will become one of the biggest criminal’s you have ever seen hunting garbage like you down, and bringing a wrath upon you that you cannot even imagine. You piece of trash. on forgive me your a sorry piece of SHIT.

  • Silver Bullet

    Why dont we blame cars for drunk driving?

  • Observant_One

    If Rove said that he is an idiot, or maybe the comment was taken out of context. Rove is a jerk, but I can’t believe he meant that.

  • Billy

    Carl Rove can take a flying leap. Rove is all about “Big Money” and doesn’t appear to be concerned about what is good for the American middle class.
    I have donated to some of Rove’s issues before but never again.

  • Charity Blake

    I thought Rove was the Bush bulldog, it seems strange he would want the 2nd amendment repealed. I thought all the Bush cronies were gun nuts. Rove must have been trying to be facetious. Cheney shot a friend in the face and the victim apologized to Cheney! They are all gun-crazy morons.

  • groversyck

    Rover finally got something right. The second amendment should be repealed.

  • TeaTephi

    If you think a church filled with unarmed people against a gunman is scary, imagine a disarmed populace against a tyrannical government.

  • donemyhomework

    What the devil is a Republican Strategist, does he make more money than me, and what planet should we send him to.

  • Texan 1

    I don’t think so Mr. Rove. As my late husband , a retired police lieutenant, once said guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Just maybe, if we got these unproductive leeches off the streets we wouldn’t have to endure the chaos they produce. Besides, it would only be the LEGALgun owners who would be forced to get rid of their guns not the criminal element who get their guns any which way they can. Too bad you think like a bleeding heart liberal.

  • jerome naccari

    A real nut job! A republican? my arse…

  • Paul Nix

    Rove joins fellow turncoat FRAUDS Boehner & McConnell that have come out of the closet. Can we trust no one in Politics regardless of party “affiliation”?!!

  • mjmaf

    Another Communist from a proponent of the “One World Order”

  • jerry

    He needs a good ass whooping

  • Patroit

    Another lap dog. Why not go to the core of the PROBLEM POLITICS. We have politicians talking that don’t know what they are talking about . We have some real dumb People in Washington .OBAMA has done everything He could to divide this Country.Put the Blame where it belongs. Now We have everyone talking about the Confederate Flag the Flag in question was a Battle Flag . The CONFEDERATE FLAG had a white background not RED .the ONE’S TALKING DON’T KNOW American History. The north or south did’t wanted war it started by two misguided mistakes . First one the North Build ed Fort Sumter to Control the CHARLESTON HARBOR that didn’t go well and a group of men attack the Fort that started the WAR at that time both sides had SLAVES The State of ILLINOIS HAD FARMS RAISING slaves ONE OF THE FARMS A MAN FATHERED 386 BABY’S THERE . That FARM is a HISTORICAL SITE AS OF TODAY.

  • Dave Batz

    In my imagination, I see, there are millions of military veterans with training in using guns. They will be first on the list to lose that right, just because. Then there will be those of a certain skin color and those of certain religious beliefs. Then there will be those who collect, or legally sell, or simply transfer a gun to another. Then there will be those with children who just might be irresponsible enough (according to their “Credit Score”). And then there are those who have maybe got a “Plea” deal for possession because they didn’t have the financial resources for a good lawyer. And many more, for many reasons, decided on by a Bureaucrat. This will be a major portion of our population that a tyrannical government fears, just because.
    Anyone who believes that taking all guns away from law-abiding, self-protecting, citizens must realize that this will not stop those who intend to do harm and evil acts. This goes with the “Mem”…Take away all guns, then only the police (Security Forces), AND the CRIMINALS, have them. When seconds count, the police will be there in ___ minutes.
    “Gun Control” should mean finding a way to STOP illegal guns and the people who control that. Not enough resources, fix that.

    • David Foss

      You are exactly right!!!!!! Politicians that push for gun control “knowingly creating” many, many more easy targets for the criminal; is not our friend!!!!!!! The pres now, that was the first thing to breach is lips “Gotta have more gun control”!! I suppose anyone that would try so diligently to bring down a country, surely wouldn’t want sane Americans to have firearms!!

      • Duane A. Fisher

        Every DICTATOR always needs more gun control. Look at Hitler,Moa, Stalin and now “GAYBAMA”.

  • PLW

    Very poor reasonning…. Repeal the 2nd Amendment and only the Criminals will have guns….. Stop manufacturing cars and there will be No More Drunk Drivers…. Get rid of forks, knives, & spoons and there will be No More fat people….

    How dumb can people get ???

    May God Bless and Protect America from these people !!!

    • David Foss

      Right! However it’s dangerous thinking of these politicians as dumb!! They are trying to lead us into “NEW WORLD ORDER”! They realize gun control will protect no one except for themselves as they try to distroy our country and way of life!! These people are very very evil!!! NOT DUMB!

      • PLW

        This morning, I watched the entire interview with Karl Rove and they took his statement out of context…

        He made the statement, but also said it would never work, it would not solve the problem, and it should not even be considered….

        I just jumped the gun and did not check out the true facts and for that, I am truly sorry that I rushed to judgement….

        I am at fault for my own lack of judgement to not investigate his interview…..

  • Terry Rushing

    I have a great idea: Repeal Karl Rove. He is surely NOT conservative and even questionable as a republican. Any two-bit political hack that wants to mess with the bill of rights does NOT get my support.

  • Carmen A.

    Rove you first have to cut out the hearts of men for it is this that Jesus said the Evil in our hearts cause us to sin! Stupid! Then you would have to Rid America of All weapons rock included! How are you going! To do this!

  • libsrtheh8ters

    If just one of those people in that church was armed this punk would be dead & most likely there would have been way less victims if any. When a homo nut job walked into a pro family organization, armed & ready to murder everyone there he was SHOT by an armed guard & no one lost their lives that day. Violent crime is DOWN all over the country, the leftist propaganda spewing media just makes it seem like there are white racist homicidal maniacs around every corner. Actual white on black violence is nearly nonexistent, the only crime that actually has risen dramatically is black on white violence.

    WHY do you THINK all these leftist co0ntrol freak psychopaths want to disarm the people? Isn’t it MUCH easier to control & conquer an unarmed populace?

  • KDC

    Hey, RINO, elitist Carl, why not ban pressure cookers?

  • don

    carl marks rove is what he is a true lying democrat

  • niko

    Rove is a filthy white dimly lit bulb ,just about ready to expire. Time to twist the bulb out and throw it in the GOP trash heap. A true right wing Conservative

    • don

      your ate up—he is your kind–marixist

    • KDC

      Wrong, he’s NOT a conservative. He’s an established republican GOP who wants to keep his party in power.

  • Walt

    How many people die on the golf course each year? (lightning cardiac head traumas etc.)?

    Update: surely from these answers golf has one of the highest death counts in the world for a sport.
    Does Obama stay away from the golf course knowing these stats?
    Approximately 1.5 million people die in car accidents per year in the US. 32,000 from firearms. Thousands die each year from stabbings, alcohol and drug abuse, suicide, train, plane and boating accidents, jet ski’s, snow machines, quads, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, horseback riding, swimming, shark attacks, etc.. The bottom line, millions die annually, it’s a fact of life, BUT, Obama still has to attack gun owners. The fact is, if you removed every gun from the US, disturbed people will find a way to obtain a gun to cause bodily harm.
    It’s been mentioned quite often lately, federal and state firearms laws aren’t enforced that already exist on the books, and it’s simple why they don’t. It’s because of prison overcrowding. This country doesn’t have enough prison facilities to house criminals. That’s why they’re letting them out on early release. We have a document that protects every American. It’s called the, “Constitution”. There’s an amendment for every individual in the US. My favorite is the, 2nd amendment. I will protect it until the day I die. I am now in my early 70’s. I received my first gun when I was 10. I never used it to harm anyone. On the other hand, a mentally unbalanced individual receives a 45 cal. pistol from his father on his 21st birthday and he kills 9 people. Not only does this man, Dylann Roof, deserve the death penalty, but his father should be punished as well. My condolences to the victims and their families…

    • Terry Rushing

      And if only the government goons are armed then then they can “execute” anyone that they feel needs to be eliminated without fear of any unpleasant resistance. Can anyone say gestapo or Stalin or secrete police?

  • heights2012

    Karl Rove and his “Establishment support system” includes the systematic breakdown of individual Liberty,–all in the name of a One World system–Anyone wishing to make a contribution to the preservation of our Constitution needs only to get up off the couch and go vote CONSERVATIVE. This will be the most important election since the Civil War. I beg all Christians to unite and vote Conservative. Those of you being duped into thinking that the only way to defeat a liberal Democrat is with an Establishment Liberal Republican, are walking through life, blinder than a newborn puppy looking for a new teat.——-Always remember that “a vote for a Liberal is a vote for a Liberal” (regardless of party) —-in any Precinct in America

  • johnthewelder

    Carl,Carl,Carl ! Get yourself an Education please ! When the Government hands in their guns, and we still keep our guns, our nation will be a safer place.

  • Lily Haley

    Guns are simply one tool. There are plenty of ways to kill people. Violence comes from attitude and intent. Changing those things, having a greater respect for the value of life, and fear of God, are what it would take reduce murders. Will they try to ban rocks, or kitchen knives, or baseball bats next? Those can be used to kill also.

    • Buzz


  • savage24

    Only political fools believe that they can legislate themselves out of every problem they have created. And Karl Rove is definitely a political fool. Those of us that live in the real world know that the government’s pass record on protecting the American people stinks to the high heavens. Political Correctness is a perfect example of this corrupt government at work.

    • don

      right on–eeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • 4afa@inbox.com

    Just let Rove retreat into a cave and pull a stone in the entrance!!

  • Peatro Giorgio

    Ah yes Carl the clown Rove .What a raven lunatic. Just think about this! If he is selling that horse crap, then those he is promoting might be inclined to believe the very same crap. So let’s see again who is it he pushing? O why yes Jebby Bushy. Scott Walker. Can we all say Ted Cruz, Rick Perry are looking really good right now.

    • Buzz

      I would like to see Cruz, Paul or Huckabee in the White House; however, I understan these are Christians and the White House is now done primarily in Muslim decor!

      • Peatro Giorgio

        Buzz would ask you to evaluate your beliefs on Rand Paul Or Huckabee dig deep ,For I suspect you shall not like what you shall Find. As we banter about back and forth you and I .For myself there are but a few whom I hold with regard.
        #1 Senator Ted Cruz.tied for 1st is Dr.Benjamin Carson. Next Up Rick Perry followed closely by Gov Scott Walker ,Carly Fiorina, And Finally Crush crash and burn then Donald Trump. Yes he sounds some what out of touch ,Yes Out of touch with the establishment crap of both parties That is why I like him and Ted Cruz, Dr.Ben, Carly the most.

  • David Foss

    Well Carley, You are one silly son of a bit_h! But we already know that no one can be that stupid! Other wise, we would just make murder, rape, drugs, etc illegal and everyone would dance in the street you fat fu_k!

  • William D Stewart

    Rove has always been a political hack. He is way past his time. The “Chicago” political style of Hussein, Valerie, and Rahm-bo have changed the landscape to a vicious, deadly “game”.

  • malimut@msn.com

    rove is another enemy of the people…

  • Silver Bullet

    Carl, if outlawing guns would work so well why dont we outlaw cocaine and heroin? And in the event you think that should happen, who is going to disarm 80 million armed American Patriots, you? You are pretty uninformed about what happens when you try something like this. Did you know that Australia didnt even have a definition nor a law against home invasions till they took away all the guns and now citizens are in danger in their own homes! You are very very wrong to think this would work. Why dont go live in Australia?

    • David Foss

      Oh, he knows it wouldn’t work…..”THIS MAN IS AN ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”!

      • don

        him an his likes the whole democrat commie party

    • Buzz

      I would suggest to you, Karl Rove, RINO, to read about what happened in Australia when they took the guns…this is ludicrous! You are absolutely out of your head when you write and say such trash. It is not he gun that kills, it is the one behind it;it is not the baseball bat that kills, it is the one behind it, same with a knife and other weapons. By the way, these murders, by a gun, are far less than what happens say with a baseball bat, poisoning, etc.,

      • Silver Bullet

        Carl, yo momma is probably ashamed of you! If you are really on a campaign to save lives, outlaw the automobile! HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS EACH YEAR KILLED AND MAIMED.


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