Kasich quitting presidential race: report

by Ben Kamisar  |  published on May 4, 2016

John Kasich is suspending his bid for the White House, NBC News is reporting.

He will make an announcement about his campaign at 5 p.m. on Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio, his campaign said. Kasich abruptly canceled a news conference planned for Wednesday morning outside Washington, D.C.

The report follows Kasich’s third-place finish in Indiana, where GOP front-runner Donald Trump dominated with a landslide victory.

Kasich agreed to cease campaigning in the Hoosier State to clear a path for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), in an effort to stop Trump from getting the needed delegates to secure the nomination.

But Cruz suspended his presidential campaign Tuesday night after a devastating loss to Trump. Cruz and Kasich had already been mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination on the first ballot.

  • American Me

    His only mission left was to prevent Trump from getting the Nomination and he finally decided it was a waste of time.He should have dropped out long ago.
    The time has come to come together behind Trump and beat Hilery or Bernie in November.I don’t understand Republicans who say they won’t support Trump.We must elect Trump and hold him accountable.He must do the things he is saying.

  • supergun

    Time to Unit the Party. Time to put self aside.

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