Kasich: The Last Best Hope of Desperate Establishment Trying to Hold Its Power

March 17, 2016

RUSH: Well, how did we open the program yesterday? I’ll tell you exactly how I opened the program. I’ll tell you almost exactly verbatim what I said. I asked Snerdley, “Who’s out there saying that the future of the Republican Party hangs on Ohio?” I was walking out of the studio on the way to other parts of the broadcast complex here about five minutes before the program began yesterday, I looked up at CNN and I saw that headline. And it says, “Conservative Host: Future of the GOP Hangs on Ohio.”

I said, “What in the name of Sam Hill is that, and who said it?” So I immediately dispatched my research teams to try to find out who it was.

I found out it was Buck Sexton who had said it, who is a former guest host on this program. And that led me to trying to sound the clarion call yesterday. And, lo and behold, I’ve got the audio sound bite roster here, and you know who’s in more sound bites than anybody else today? John Kasich.

I am here to tell you, I’ve gotten into arguments with people who think that I am way off on this. And I’ll tell you what, of course, I’m saying. Folks, do not doubt me on this. I’m gonna give you my explanation for it in a moment. The Republican establishment, whoever you think they are — I mean, I’ll tell you who they are. Elected Republicans that are in the hierarchy, they are on K Street, they’re lobbyists, they are — oh, it reminds me. I got a note from somebody on Mitt Romney’s staff, and they said, “Hey, look, Romney has nothing to do with that ad with the women quoting things Trump has said about women that’s been running out there. You said it was a Romney super PAC. It’s not a Romney super PAC.”

  • Robert Russell

    Did you know Kasich in favor of “common core in schools of Ohio” kasich is against guns he is for gays how this guy ever got elected in Ohio is a problem. Not only that the heads of the Republican party wants him to be president then they don’t understand why the voters are upset. MR Trump president he will know what to do , Deport illegals , Mexico will pay for the fence with higher tariffs on exports to America. Go to a grocery store all there fruits & veggies are from Mexico , cars & trucks , wash machines + every thing else. Don’t we make any thing anymore?? MR Trump wants to put higher tariffs on all imports make them pay the gravy train will be over.

    • OldKoreanwarvet

      Kasich has set himself up as a shoo-in for VP, Trump and Cruz cannot get the required delegates to prevent a convention ballet. However if Kasich partners with either one, that person will have enough to usurp the convention voting. So who will he attach himself too. Trump is the negotiator, this could be his most crucial test. I’m not a fan of Kasich but he has played the game well so far to establish and hold this crucial position.

      • Robert Russell

        I am also a Korean vet 1948 to 1952 “Navy” what i suspect Cruz will be the VP & trump will be president they both have about the same thing about deporting & smaller government so we will have to wait to see what happens. Don’t think Kasich will be part of Trumps administration kasich is a rino.

    • Abel

      Most everything is made in China or America, that’s why you should be aware that “Made in America” is NOT the same as “Made in USA!” America covers two continents, the USA is only one country located on the North American continent.

      • Robert Russell

        Are you aware the song “God bless America” it was for as you say USA not Brazil or any other country but our country. look at all from Mexico . made in Mexico or made in China or made in India. But you are right made in USA.

  • Jerry

    He won a pity vote in Ohio, They felt sorry for this selfish Bas+@rd To think since he won 1 state, Blew off Iowa, spent all his time in New Hampshire, That he could be our pick as President is crazy. He is selfish and needs to drop out

  • Athanasios1

    He is a spoiler.

  • Debbie

    This Guy is the joke of the Rep. party, Did you see how many votes he won by. Not many, My suggestion is for Washington to listen to the people or else we may have to wipe the floor with them.

  • Pegasus

    This scumbag is so PC it’s crazy… he is delusional if he thinks he will be President. He wants to give all illegal aliens amnesty… and welfare just like Oblamer. A complete and utter idiot!

  • Trust No One

    This guy is a joke. Why does the Establishment love him, easy, he’s a progressive! Conservative, I think not! Anti 2nd Amendment, pro gay, pro choice and the, “I’ll go across the isle” BS! Every time we cross the isle we get our butts kicked. Uphold the Constitution or get out of the way!

    • Rodney Steward

      You answered it in your first line, the establishment!!!! They’re so afraid they’re gonna lose their easy money life style, their God like ways, and they’re sweeting BB’s!!

      • Elessar

        They deserve to lose everything! We have to fight them and demand that they act for the health of this Country and not their petty desires! They are fools, this Country must be protected, nothing else matters!

    • Fred

      You’ve got it right from what I heard and saw at the first debate in Cleveland. The things he said were not what the people want. And he was a totally “ME” person ! A “Politician” which we need to get rid of ! ! !

      • Abel

        We need to get rid of all Career Politicians!


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