Koch brothers seek softer image

by Jonathan Swan and Kyle Plantz  |  published on November 5, 2015

The Koch brothers are on a publicity tour to change their image.

Long caricatured by Democrats as shadowy billionaires who buy Republican politicians so they can grow their profits and destroy the environment, Charles and David Koch did on Tuesday something they have never done before: a joint television interview.

The brothers’ appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” continues something of a coming-out tour for the publicity-shy Kochs, who became bogeymen to the left following their early funding of the Tea Party movement, their expensive and ultimately failed efforts to defeat President Obama, and their plan to spend $250 million to elect Republicans to Congress and the presidency in 2016.

  • AmericanJones

    Seems to me the D’s demonize anyone who does not ‘contribute’ to their party. If you don’t support Socialism, you are their enemy and must be destroyed. That has been easy, so far, as the D’s have also bought so-called journalist in MSM who are instructed to lie to the point of reputation destruction of enemy’s of their state. Only thing is, We The People are finally starting to wake up and pay attention to the discord the D’s have been promoting throughout this country. The Dems are the ones who sensationalize mass shootings and race riots (trace the guns back to Obama’s arsenal, I’m tellin’ ya) in order to declare war on guns. Why? So there aren’t so many people to revolt against Obama’s secret army of blue shirts when he decides to declare Marshall Law due to unrest, which they have created. I’m happy to see someone with guts in a position to stand up to the bullies that are Obama and his MB/ISIL/Dem Gustapo.

    • Mike Olson

      The Koch brothers do contribute to Democrats. Unlike the progressives who are not equal in their giving. But, to rally the uniformed you don’t need facts. You just need to be repetitive until your lie becomes the truth.

      • cactusbob

        The Democrats don’t want it known that they have their own Koch brothers, no other than George Soros, who has established and fuels numerous leftist organizations and, it is said, directs Obama’s actions. He has provided Obama with billions of dollars, while the DCCC and DSCC plead with the rank and file Democrats for $3 here and $5 there, since “they depend on individuals for support.” The “leaders” use atrocious lies about what the Republicans supposedly want to do, or have done, to get them to donate. Go to their web sites, DCCC.org and DSCC.org for some real entertainment. And for the worst stuff, get on their email list (free).

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