Lawyers seek to block Clinton testimony in email case

by Julian Hattem | The Hill  |  published on July 16, 2016

Lawyers for Hillary Clinton made their second court filing in a week on Friday aiming to block a federal judge from having her be deposed as part of an ongoing open records lawsuit connected to her email setup.

In a filing at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Clinton’s legal team called the request from conservative organization Judicial Watch “futile and inappropriate.”

The group is relying on “nothing more than speculation” by claiming that Clinton’s use of a private server was a deliberate effort to thwart the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the former secretary of State’s lawyers claimed. They pointed to recent comments by FBI Director James Comey, who this month finalized a yearlong investigation into Clinton’s emails, claiming that Clinton’s setup appeared to have been created for convenience.

Clinton’s response to questions about the setup “would undoubtedly be ‘I don’t know,’” the lawyers added.

And Judicial Watch has offered “no reason to suspect” that Clinton would be in any way helpful in the case.

  • joe katona


  • Bob

    Her answers are always “I don’t remember”. When she was called before Congress in the 90’s, it was “I don’t recall”. Funny how she can get millions from publishers for her memoirs of times she can never remember.
    The Clintons have always held themselves above the laws we mere mortals would be convicted and do jail time had we done what they do. Lie to Congress? No problem. Lie in open court? No problem. Lie directly in the faces of the public? No problem…We’re Clinton’s…we can do that.

  • Climax

    If she has nothing to hide, if she has violated no laws, if everything she has done is ethical and above board, then she has nothing to worry about and should want to freely put all this behind her by submitting herself to testimony while under oath in court. It is only if she has violated civil laws, has committed unethical and underhanded transactions, that she has things to hide and will fight tooth and nail to keep from being put in the spot light while in court under oath to testify, where any lie from her will result in further action and distrust against her and her self centered actions. So, Hillary, if your so innocent why not testify under oath in court? I would think you would want to finally put this behind you even though your lawyers say it is a “futile and inappropriate.” request by the people you intend on ruling? Of course if your guilty or civil crimes that may even end up being high crimes against the US or felonies, then by all means keep fighting away. As you do though, remember any credibility you though you had just keep fading away.

  • TeaPartyPatriot

    At least the TRAMPS lawyers admit that the TRAMP will clam up and not give anymore information to implicate herself in illegal activities any more than the investigations have proved. The only solution left for the TRAMP is to lock up her fat ass in the slammer indefinately.

  • Rodney Steward

    They’re wasting a lot of money for nothing unless it’s just to make us feel like they’re really doing their jobs! Again, NOTHING is gonna happen to the bit$h, evil people thrive forever, look at Soros!!

  • Owen Grant

    I guess they have a point. I can’t imagine Clinton being helpful to anybody, except herself.

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