Legal Eagle Jumps On Impeach Obama Bandwagon

by WND  |  published on April 18, 2015

obama-unjpeg-09f28_c0-213-5008-3132_s561x327“Articles of impeachment must now be drafted and presented to the House of Representatives. Republicans and other representatives can no longer be allowed to hide for cover on fear of being branded racists and sexists.

“Presidents Andrew Jackson and Bill Clinton were impeached for far less – the latter over an intern named Monica Lewinsky. Our nation’s representatives have a legal and moral obligation not to leave this traitor in office one minute longer.

“They must be forced by We the People to act, on threat of having themselves rooted from their elitist establishment congressional perches and leave office. The president of the United States is an insidious traitor, plain and simple.

“He is worse than Benedict Arnold during Revolutionary War days, particularly since more is at stake and we have even more to lose in today’s nuclear and terrorist age…”

  • Being thoroughly fed-up with the unbelievable mess that “We the people” of these United States of America are in, we impatiently await confirmed progress, in the impeachment & removal of this illicit lord of muck, from OUR White house, & the subsequent blessed return of our hijacked country!

  • John

    Actually, it was Andrew Johnson (Lincoln’s VP) who was impeached in the 1860s after Lincoln was killed at Fords Theater, by John Wilkes Booth.

  • Steve

    Looks like you folks made a slight (though forgivable) blunder here, Former General Andrew Jackson was never impeached. You’re probably thinking of Andrew Johnson, who assumed the presidency in place of Abraham Lincoln, after the latter was murdered early on into his second term in office. However, you are quite correct, in stating that none of the transgressions for which either he, nor Bill Clinton were ever accused of, and ultimately exonerated for, were ever anywhere near as serious as those offences of which Barack Obama seems to be committing. Obama has, for sure, made himself ripe for an impeachment. No two ways about that.

  • David in MA

    BUT, impeach him and his entourage, then arrest them all for criminal activity while in office.

    AND, for those found guilty: I volunteer to pull either the trigger, the trap door, squeeze the syringe or throw the switch.

    • Stephanie

      I think we could have a lottery to be the one(s) to perform the execution.

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