Liberal speakers dominate college commencements, conservative group says

by Perry Chiaramonte  |  published on May 14, 2015


As cap-and-gown season gets underway at American colleges and universities, graduates and their loved ones will be getting an earful from left-wing commencement speakers, according to a report.

Liberal speakers will outnumber conservatives by at least 6-to-1 at the nation’s top 100 schools as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, according to conservative watchdog group Young America’s Foundation. Among the top 10 of the list–which includes schools such as Princeton, the University of Chicago and Duke–none is hosting conservative speakers.

“Our 2015 survey shows the conservative blackout on college campuses has only gotten worse,” Ron Robinson, president of Young America’s Foundation, said in a statement to “While conservatives won the national elections by a wide margin, campuses have doubled down on liberal speakers–with zero elected conservative officials scheduled to speak at our nation’s top schools.”

  • George2

    Actual PROOF…that our colleges, AND schools, are disgracefully TEACHING and PUSHING liberalism, communism, socialism…and even Mohammedism.

  • ijohnc1

    The younger generation as dumbed down and are not getting an education, they are being indoctrinated, when they graduate with a liberal arts degree and find it is pretty much useless in the pursuit of a career, they will go back to moms house and continue to live off their parents and continue to blame the conservatives.

  • mousekiller

    I have seen over the years that young persons go to college and come out with left leaning view and absolutely no common sense . some where between the first day of college and graduation it was drained from them and replaced with a leftist leaning rhetoric and they have been brain washed into believing it is good.

  • mousekiller

    To prove your point that leftists and liberals are not your cup of tea, At the commencement is to just get up and walk out,. gown and all when the libs began to rant. . That is better than any published letter or comment.

  • Art Hock

    Liberal is a nice name for a communist piece of dogshit.

  • Hotnike

    Look whose doing the invite to the speakers. Liberal professors and liberal indoctrinated students that are not capable of thinking for themselves.

    • Luke

      Exactly, loons leading loons and people wonder what is wrong in today’s America..

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