Libertarians offer ‘third way’ in divisive election with Johnson-Weld ticket

May 30, 2016

The Libertarian Party put forward Sunday the strongest presidential ticket in its history, throwing down the gauntlet in an election that has the two major parties poised to nominate divisive candidates with soaring unfavorability ratings.

Delegates to the Libertarian National Convention chose in separate votes a pair of former Republican governors — New Mexico’s Gary Johnson and Massachusetts’ William Weld — despite objections from party loyalists who booed them as “failed Republicans” and questioned their commitment to party principles.

Mr. Johnson won the party’s presidential nomination on the second ballot with 55.8 percent of the delegate vote, giving him a second shot at the presidency after winning about 1.72 million votes as the party’s candidate in 2012.

  • Robert A Hartman

    The libertarian party has a chance in hell of getting someone elected as president. The only thing they will create is a drain of votes for the real presidential candidates. Hillary also doesn’t stand a chance to be elected unless Obama and the DOJ have their way.

  • Sharon Sharp

    If they do this, they can be sure that the Dmocrats will win the election! Divided we fall/fail.. LEave this alone and allow Trump to rj or you will end up with another DEMmin the White House!!

  • reggie

    Super idea folks. Now we can coronate Queen Hitlery and her Prince Consort Zipper Willy. The most important election in years, and you’re going to make sure that the crooked NWO queen, and soros the god, continue. Trump? Wow, a man who has actually worked for a living, who has supported our military and vets for years, who wants to bring jobs back. Why don’t you want him? Because he’s not a sleazy scum-bag politician by trade? He doesn’t sound like some 2 bit on-air preacher constantly asking for money? No, he’s a real man, and shoots off his mouth, but he is working on toning it down. Not good enough for you though. If you’d stop and think a minute, he’s smart, he’s made deals all over the world, and obviously knows how to negotiate. And, he’s so stupid he’s going to hire only the best, because they’re the best, not because he owes them, or because they’re in the right political party. Way to go. When the whole country goes to hell, I’ll be hoping you go right with it.

  • Sigrid Egan

    Gary Johnson on Fox looked a bit as if he had too much “grass”

  • Sigrid Egan

    There is another egotist trying for some confusion, Bill Kristol, who is apparently now running as an Independent. I agree with the writer, who asks: is there not a deadline for these announcement?

  • Sigrid Egan

    They are just simply fools, the biggest one is Mitt Romney, who lost twice and is now trying to interrupt the election in November. This is narcissism folks! They are not looking out for the good of the country, only their own.

    • reggie

      And these fools are flushing us down the toilet. Of course mittens would win. He has/had stock in soros voting machine company, so he’s another soros puppet. his son tagg (probably rhymes with gag) has control of Hart Intercivic, the 3rd largest voting machine in the country. Only in this banana republic would that be allowed, and we send people to observe other countries’ voting?

  • annarose13

    This is NOT legal, time was over several weeks ago NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

  • HWayneS

    I certainly would not want a footnote in history as the man who is responsible for shredding our constitution to soothe my ego. In my opinion the man is an

  • cathylovesyou

    In some states it is too late to register, but the party may be registered but identified their candidate. Trump doesn’t have enough people of color to help nor does Gary and to top that off not enough white people. It seems if Gary would stop the notice and let Trump gather more White Democrat we could win for now. Watch the demonstration at Trump rally’s and you’ ll understand what a Banana Republic looks like, now look ahead 12 years.

  • cathylovesyou

    I bet Martinez quietly helps Gary. I have lost all respect for the libertarian party now acting like the spoiler. Wonder if cowardly Mitt is somehow involved as well as he is so desperate as well as pathetic these days. They all stink.
    As a Republican Conservative I am wondering what it means anymore. I am now voting independently but keep the Republican tag for primaries. The other side has ganged up smartly what is wrong with us Amigo.

    • truthseeker

      How is this Legal? I thought there was a cut off date. Considering it al started in June and a Year latter we have this Individual can just jump in after all of this Campaigning and the money invested . This is so wrong, we really need to clean up all of this corruption in DC.


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