Majority of Americans say Hillary should retire from public life

November 21, 2016

HillaryIt’s a difficult question for the public — and one fraught with mixed feelings of anger, sadness, schadenfreude, empathy, glee and everything in between. Should Hillary Clinton retire from public life? Consider that she announced her intent to seek the presidency in a two-minute video released on April 12, 2015 — advising the public “everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.” And as we all know, 575 days later, she lost the election and did not gain the title “Madame President.” Now what? There are numbers to consider.

“Following Hillary Clinton’s surprise loss to Donald Trump, most voters think it’s time for her to quit the public arena,” notes a new Rasmussen Reports survey, which finds that 55 percent of all likely voters agree that Mrs. Clinton should perhaps find something else to do. The inevitable partisan divide: 82 percent of Republicans, 54 percent of independents and 31 percent of Democrats agree with the idea, while 57 percent of the loyal Democrats say Mrs. Clinton should stay in the public life. But the dynamics appear to have changed.

“Democratic voters now believe their party should go more in the direction of Clinton’s primary opponent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Fifty four percent of likely Democratic voters think the party should be more like Sanders. Only 26 percent think the party should stay more like Clinton, although a sizable 20 percent are undecided,” the poll reports.

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  • parthenon1 says:

    That is easy enough wait until Obama is out of the picture for a year or so and indite her, she would be found guilty with as much evidence on several different criminal activities and send her to the lock up so she can wear orange pants suits every day

  • Ken says says:

    the HILL-BILLY Team will probably grab the money from the Clinton Foundation and head for their plantation in Ecuador and not have to deal with extradition to the USA.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Regardless of how the party goes, Sanders or Hellary’s, it still a big screw up, and by the way, both need to go!

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Just soak her with a pail of water and be done with it.

    ……….eeeeeee……..ahhhhhhhhh! I’m melting!

  • justinwachin says:

    Hillary could run again. In four years she will still be younger than Bernie was during this election. If she decides to run again she needs to take a hard look at what people dislike about her and make some changes–now! Her future would have been much different if it had not been for the email scandals. Anthony Weiner and his laptop likely cost her the election.

    It would be a mistake for DNC leaders to think the public is moving towards Bernie Sanders’ socialist agenda. Much of Bernie’s support was likely a protest vote against Hillary.

    Democrats have become a fringe party catering to extreme positions. Many of their loyal supporters do not endorse abortion, gay rights, gay marriage, or secular humanism. While they may still remain members of the Democrat party they vote Republican because the GOP candidates more closely reflect their values.

    1. goldie says:

      Her crimes cost her the election. Stop trying to blame it on someone else. SHE set up the email server, SHE jeopardized national security, SHE took money for favors through the clinton foundation… I could go on. Americans rejected HER, and SHE needs to pay for said crimes against the American people. Enough with blaming others. That said, I agree with most of the other things you wrote. Dems have become a party of arrogance – telling us what to think instead of listening to us and being a good obedient public SERVANT.

      1. justinwachin says:

        I’m not trying to blame Hillary’s loss on anyone else. Ultimately her loss was the result of her actions in public office. The Weiner/Abedin laptop email discovery in the waning days of the election helped remind people how Hillary is unable to avoid being caught in a scandal. It also reminded people how carelessly Hillary and her staff handled sensitive information.

  • rayser711 says:

    Leave out the word “public”…..and you’ve got it !

  • Gregg Jensen says:

    Retire, my ass. Hillary Clinton should be indicted, tried in court, found guilty, and sentenced to federal prison.

    If I had done what she has done, I would expect that.

    Redeem yourself, Hillary, you despicable piece of sheet.

  • KC135TopBoom says:

    She should retire to the federal retirement home, The United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX) Supermax Prison in Florence, Colorado

    1. Karll says:

      Agreed! There’s no reason she should be exempt from facing Justice.

    2. The Redhawk says:

      BUT let’s see if REV Jack asson prevails with BHO VOMIT to give the Traitor a full pardon….and let’s see if the Clintons will tell how much they were made to pay the REV for his plea for pardon…However once we have a REAL AG working with a SANITIZED DOJ it may be BHO VOMIT turn to have someone Plead for his pardon for LYING for 8 years to America

      1. Soniapsailer says:

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  • itsfun says:

    Her and Sanders both should retire. We don’t need more Socialists in our Democracy. We need Truman and Kennedy Democrats.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      kankles and Boinie should RIP .. and There is NO Democrat party at present!!

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    I think she should fade and retire out of the PUBLIC LIFE

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