Mexican Elites Secretly Agree With Donald Trump

July 7, 2015

1436160339431.cachedOf the many different reactions to Donald Trump’s inaccurate and insulting comments about how Mexican migrants to the United States come from the bottom of the barrel, one of the most interesting has been that of wealthy and powerful Mexican elites who are suddenly long on indignation and outrage but short on memory and self-awareness.

That’s because Trump’s dismissive comments about how the United States has become a “dumping ground” for castaways from Mexico sound like something you’d hear bandied about at a Guadalajara country club or a fancy banquet in Mexico City.

After all, Mexico—like the rest of Latin America—is not exactly a model of social equality. There is prejudice and discrimination, pecking orders to which one must adhere. And those who leave the country are often ignored and forgotten.

  • Seedman

    The Mexican “elites” are better known as The Mexican Crime Syndicate whose main specialties are drugs, human trafficking, and bribery.

  • jdbixii

    Latin America not only has a history of social class distinction, but an absolutely lousy record of governance, the changes in which are difficult to number. Infamous for their instability, variety of forms and intolerance, it is no wonder that there are so many who feel compelled to leave them and enter the U.S. illegally, obviating the application process and the denial which would, inevitably, result from background investigations or other qualifying factors.
    That said, it is the consequences, many of which are clearly unconstitutional, for American citizens, resulting from illegal entry. The federal government has a constitutional duty to ensure domestic tranquility by providing for the common defense of the nation. Much of the controversy surrounding the issue of immigration is simply due to the incidental costs of crime and other factors concomitant with the status of illegal aliens. Who is responsible and where is the accountability? We have seen the injustice and, symbolically trying a gun in a court of law or public opinion will produce little satisfaction for survivors of those who have been deprived of the justice of life, an unalienable right, alienable by illegal aliens.

    • Jenny

      Most of the money coming into Mexico is redirected to Mexico City, where they live large and the rest of the country starves.

  • Wolfman

    Just because Trump says something without a PC filter, while his statement may be blunt and upsetting to the modern version of the Victorians ( ie the two faced Trogs), does not mean it is none-the-less based in truth. His point, once you summarize the intentional ” meant to offend” portions and apply it to day to day occurrences, it is apparent that the illegal influx is more ” Cream of the Crap” than “Cream of the Crop” is true, I believe there is a non-existent percentage of ‘professionals’ , a relatively large portion of criminals, druggies,and ‘marginally employed people’ who cannot hold down a job in their own country , with a low percentage of hardworking lower middle class workers hoping for a quick start to a new life. The lower middle class workers are doing a disservice to themselves by not entering the USA legally.
    As an American ,if I were to wish to become a citizen of a new country,I believe insulting them by sneaking in illegally may not be a very impressive way to start a dialogue on how to successfully navigate my way to become a lawful citizen. What about this concept of respect for your future country ‘s laws and customs do the Trogs find so repulsive that the only way past sneaking in like a cockroach at night is complete and total Amnesty.
    Would Harry Reid or John Boner give complete and total Amnesty to an American citizen, let alone an Illegal alien, who broke into their house, set up squatter rights, said they might just want to join the family,or not and kinda ,you know stay there forever, but just don’t ask me to comply with your family values/customs/etc.but you just keep me fed , get me to the hospital when I’m sick, and I may actually leave you alone, sort of.

  • 1775concord

    Mr. Navarette, I have read articles for years in favor of Hispanics, no matter what the facts were. Your first paragraph is false. Do some real research re. what is going on in Southern California and get back to us if you finally decide to be better informed.

  • Andy Martin

    Sorry, Libs, but The Donald is 100% correct in his statements! You Libs want the illegals, especially now that the SCOTUS has said you don’t have to have a photo ID to vote, THEY WILL ALL VOTE IN 2016!

  • Jerry Townsley

    Go Mr. Donald Trump keep on saying what you knew is the
    truth and please kick Ass and take names. You have my vote you are a refreshing
    voice that I haven’t heard in years. Bring back the USA that we “PATRIOTS” all
    know and love. And send the Scum out of the country.


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