Michelle Obama tells Spanish girls how to raise kids ‘if you choose to have them’

by Dave Boyer  |  published on July 1, 2016

First lady Michelle Obama slipped in a pro-choice message Thursday while promoting equality for girls in heavily Catholic Spain, giving advice on how to raise children “if you choose to have them.”

Speaking to hundreds of young girls and women in Madrid, Mrs. Obama urged her audience to change “inequalities in our cultures” that hold back women in their daily lives.

“You can start with how you raise your own children if you choose to have them,” Mrs. Obama said. “Maybe it means telling your sons that it’s OK to cry, and your daughters that it’s OK to be bossy.”

The first lady is wrapping up a tour of Liberia, Morocco and Spain to promote her “Let Girls Learn” initiative, which has a goal of providing access to education for 62 million girls worldwide. She was joined at the event in Madrid by Queen Letizia.

  • Dolores Adams

    I sure wouldn’t call her a lady. She has no business in telling others how to raise their kids. Their so-called kids are probably adopted.

  • Linda

    how ould he know she didn’t have those girls tranny’s can’t reproduce.

  • J.B. Young

    What a laugh! The drag queen giving advice on raising children.

  • Phil Esposito

    This dude is disgusting. Why is a grown man telling little girls how to raise their children. Maybe he wants them to grow up to be trannies.

    • Jessicacarndt2


  • justinwachin

    Based on the quote that was printed, Michelle Obama’s remarks can be taken at least two ways. The way I took her quote was girls may decide not to have kids. That doesn’t mean they are going to have an abortion. A woman can practice abstinence and not have any kids.

    • Phil Esposito

      Do you know anyone, besides Christians, that practice abstinence?

      • justinwachin

        Only those who don’t want to get pregnant or catch a sexually transmitted disease. People often overlook the fact that condoms have a failure rate. While a condom failing may not lead to a pregnancy due to the woman’s cycle, STDs can be transmitted any time.

  • Smitch

    Who would listen to the Talking Primate?

  • monchan

    What would Michael know about raising children? It starts by sending them to the same public schools that Michael changed for everyone else. Then, it can
    lecture others on how wonderful the shithole is for its kids.

  • Blue 3

    I don’t like her, but I like her message.

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS

    Girls don’t need to be bossy, they just need to be assertive and proactive.

    Boys can shed tears but then accept the cause and move forward.

    Neither need to look down on the other, but do need to work together to create a better future.

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