Nancy Pelosi blows off traffic laws — to shop at shoe store!

by VICTOR SKINNER  |  published on July 7, 2016

U.S. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is above the law, as St. Helena, California residents learned last month.

Nancy Pelosi2Local Paul Smith wrote in to the St. Helena Star in June to describe Pelosi’s recent shoe shopping excursion at a fancy boutique, prompting a response from police chief Bill Imboden about the former House Speaker’s special status.

“Last Saturday afternoon (June 4) I’m standing on the west side of Main Street directly across from the Hunt Avenue intersection chatting with friends. Of course, traffic was heavy in both directions,” Smith wrote.

“A large perfectly polished and gleaming black SUV is attempting a left turn from Hunt onto southbound Main (not easy). Suddenly blue/red lights are flashing from the windshield area of the SUV (like you would see in an official fire/police vehicle),” he continued. “I said to my friends, I’ve never seen that before on a ‘regular’ vehicle and I’d think that’s illegal and dangerous. They agreed.”

  • Dolores Adams

    Who does she think she is?

  • mesaman

    Hey, c’mon. Pelosi made the law so she can break it. Maybe she thinks she’s black and gets some of Bammie’s extended entitlements.

  • SDofAZ

    She is running in CA this year. Vote anyone in but her. She deserves her severance papers from the house.

    • USNavyPatriot

      And that’s what we call Voter-imposed Term Limits!!

      Whether it’s RINO or DINO, #WeThePeople should understand the only way to eliminate corruption in our government is to NOT allow our servants to become CAREER politicians!!

  • Wambli525

    It’s good to be among the privileged Washington royalty.

    • SDofAZ

      CA needs to vote her out. Anyone but this old bitch.

  • sox83cubs84

    Pelosi probably used the scofflaw tactics because she had to go to the crapper and had forgotten to wear her Depends. 😉

    • Retired

      That is why they call her Peeelosi.

      • sox83cubs84


  • justinwachin

    I saw a similar incident in 2008. One of my state’s senators was leaving a private meet and greet. A large vehicle drove down the wrong side of the street and stopped outside the meeting venue. He was rushed into the vehicle and it sped off.

    This is an example of what happens when the nation is governed by career politicians rather than the citizenry. The career politician comes to expect special treatment.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve seen local police cruisers do something similar. If they come upon a light that has turned red they will hit their blue lights and go through the intersection. The blue lights go off once they have made it through the intersection.

    • sox83cubs84

      When I lived near Wrigley Field in the mid-1990s, the Chicago cop cars used to routinely go through red lights in non-emergencies, often without the lights. They also used to often drive the wrong way down my one-way street because they didn’t want to be bothered to drive a block further north to turn onto a one-way street that was legally assigned to go the direction they wanted to go. These police officers (not all, but too many) do their profession’s reputation no favors by being willful scofflaws because they’re the ones who write the citations, not receive them.

  • Discusted

    All the Damcrats think they are above the law … time to take them down and give them a reality lesson !

  • Gale

    another worthless scum *itch that hopefully peels over dead soon.

    • Nicki Short

      <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bq43p:….,.

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