NRA praises Bernie Sanders for stance on gun manufacturer liability

by Jessica Chasmar  |  published on March 9, 2016

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernard Sanders earned some unlikely praise Monday from the National Rifle Association after he argued against holding gun manufacturers responsible for crimes committed with products that are bought legally.

During Sunday night’s Democratic presidential debate, Mr. Sanders disagreed with Hillary Clinton that gun manufacturers should be held liable, saying it would mean the end of America’s gun industry.

“I don’t agree with that,” he said.

Mrs. Clinton said Mr. Sanders’ argument was “like the NRA position.”

The NRA agreed, tweeting Monday: “Sen. Sanders was spot-on in his comments about gun manufacturer liability/PLCAA.”

  • Too big and heavy

    I don’t know, I just saw a Random Gun Running down the Road Shooting at People…..are you Sure that People don’t shoot other people??

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