Obama says schools demanded advice on transgender bathrooms

May 17, 2016

President Obama said Monday his administration directed schools to provide transgender bathrooms for students because school districts were imploring Washington for guidance to protect “vulnerable” children.

“Kids who are sometimes in the minority, kids who have a different sexual orientation or are transgender are subject to a lot of bullying, potentially,” Mr. Obama said in an interview with Buzzfeed. “They are vulnerable. Schools were asking us, were asking the Department of Education, how should we handle this?”

The federal Education Department issued guidance Friday that public schools should allow transgender students to use bathrooms consistent with their “gender identity,” rather than the gender on their birth certificate. Schools that don’t follow the guidance could risk losing federal funding.

While some on the left applauded the move, other state officials, school administrators and parents reacted with outrage. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said his state would fight the directive, saying Mr. Obama is “not a king.”

  • Natalie

    Obama has such an inflated,unearned ego he probably actually believes his own nonsense. Nobody with an ounce of common sense would implore him or his sick,twisted administration for ANYTHING having to do with protecting vulnerable children. As he has proven time and again he cares nothing for them.He has already spent their future. He has spent the last eight years dividing the country they will inherit. He has made bad deals around the world that will impact them for years to come unless Donald Trump can ferret out and undo ALL the massive number of policies he’s put in place to damage this country. Which he has assured us he and his little attack dog lynch have taken steps to ensure will remain in place.
    He’s made us a laughingstock that the rest of the world holds quite rightly in contempt, because we continue to let it happen.He’s threatened to withhold federal funding if states do not go along with his absurd, idiotic,dictator like edict to actually hurt and damage our children so a handful of deviant’s can play make pretend at everyone else’s expense. His equally idiotic wife,who apparently also thinks she’s a dictator has commandeered the school lunch program and Will soon begin fining them if they do not go along with her awful program that is driving children out of their own lunchrooms and straight to McDonald’s. He’s made numerous speeches where he only encourages a segment of our youth,while dismissing and ignoring the rest.This ‘leader’ has done more damage in eight years than a plague of locusts. The entire nation waits with baited breath for November. When we can finally, finally kick him and his family to the curb.

  • LeonS9671

    Obviously the Department of Education needs to be eliminated. Control by states and local governance is by far more palatable and provides a more hands on control that actual citizens approve of, not some white tower idiots who are completely disconnected from reality and the citizens and parents they are supposed to be listening too.

  • nobuttkissr

    What an @hole!

  • Jim Terio

    I suspect the premise of this article is BULL-SH1T. Schools at all levels despise the intrusion by our out-of-control government and would never ask for guidance about this issue. Hell, it wasn’t even an issue until Obama and his band of crazies brought it up.

  • Ramon1710 .

    Naturally. You have a problem, so you go to the village idiot for advice.

  • champion2211

    Just an added note: Most guys don’t want to have anything to do with another person that has their sex changed. I can’t tell you about the ladies.

  • champion2211

    So you want advice on the bathroom incident, well the bathroons that can only have one person at a time will qualify for transgender. If more than one they are either ladies or men’s. They should only be used by those born of that sex. The others use the trans. bath rooms. Most ladies don’t really want to follow a man that was just in the bath room. For men it doesn’t really matter I guess. If a man changes sex and has his private parts removed then he/she would qualify to use the bathroom of his/hers new sex. But only if their sex is removed or added.

  • marlio

    I dont think the students demanded anything, he just took advantage of the situation to cram his sick, psycho, way of thinking, down our throats but its not going to work. He cannot interfere with state issues!!! Of course he is NOT a constitutional authority or he would know this, which he DOESN’T!!! I dont think he has a real degree from ANY university!!!

  • Ken says

    Male wants to be female – Step #1 – peter and the pair have to go – then you have made the first big step into being permitted in the female facilities. Then the females that want to be male – enter at your own risk or go to your doctor and get an addadictomy

  • cmi

    “Schools demanded advice”,…….but I’m betting he can’t name ONE!!!! This creep would rather lie than tell the truth anytime!!!!!!!!!

  • onefour

    I really doubt this. It’s Obama inserting himself into our lives and bullying institutions to do what he wants not what the public wants. All this the placate 0.3% of the population and directing our attention to this instead of what he is really doing to this country like the importation of Muslims with no background checks. Well he said he was going to fundamentally change this country. Welcome to Obama world.

  • David in MA

    “Obama says schools demanded advice on transgender bathrooms”
    I have no reservation in calling Obama a F N LIAR!


    It is a very sad state of affairs (that has been in place for quite a while) when “educators” can not make an obvious common sense decision on there own… which may be very true. I doubt, however any school requested King Obaaama’s advice on the matter.

  • SDofAZ

    BO advice is called Liar in Chief. Schools would be advised to look to their state rather than federal for their lead to this stupid law. Whose little girl wants to share bathrooms with peeping boys? Stupid stupid BO stunt and at the expense of women. What a racist thug. From Chicago, what can we expect?

  • grinnie

    As disgusting as this is……what is the other hand doing? He’s so good at doing as much damage to the country as possible, on so many planes.

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS

    He LIES again!!!! When schools provided SEPARATE but equal facilities for these few children -the government struck it down-using Title iX and threat of loss of funding.

    IF a transgender is uncomfortable with their body parts, they should appreciate the separate but equal privacy offered and not expose themselves to normal children OR for others to have a lack of privacy for their own bodies.

    However, it is not the transgendered in the bathrooms/locker rooms that really concerns me, but the perverts/molesters that will also gain access since it is illegal to question someone of the other gender trying to iuse the facilities. Therefore women and children are subjected to loss of privacy, possibility of assault or being photographed/videoed by cell phones

    The HARM to the majority far outweighs the rights of the 3 in 1000 or less transgendered

  • Joellen Wortham

    True transgenders know what sex they are it’s the bi-sexual that want to float back and forth for whatever sex they feel they are for that day and that’s dangerous for our kids and women in both male female bathrooms

  • itsfun

    Giving advice and threatening are 2 different things.

  • roboteq

    I have to agree with the accusations that Obama is lying. Let Obama name those who are asking for help. Less than one third of one percent of the population should not be dictating how the rest of us live.

  • Steve Mendoza

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS . I am so sick of Obama ramming this whole gay / transgender agenda down the citizens throat. there is so much more pressing issues at hand , our borders, ISIS coming into our country . The fact that he is violating our rights and the constitution . Its not a bad decision or lack of experience that he has been leading this country in to the ground forcing an eventual economic collapse .Every thing he has done is either violating our rights, breaking laws and defying the constitution, detrimental to our country , cause civil unrest or breaking own the morality of this nation. He IS A PIECE OF SHIT , THIS IS HOW SICK OF A PIECE OF SHIT THAT HE IS , HE VOTED YES ON A LAW THAT THERE IS NO JUSTIFYING. HE IS THE ONLY ONE OUT OF A HUNDRED TO VOTE YES ON INFANTICIDE DEFINITION .
    1.the act of killing an infant.

    2.the practice of killing newborn infants.

    3.a person who kills an infant.

    HE IS PURPOSELY , DELIBERATELY, WITH COLD CONTINUATION AND WITH PURPOSE . CAUSING GREAT HARM TO THE CITIZENS OF THE U.S.A. Now target has adopted the universal bathroom where anyone can just say that they identify themselves as a different sex and just walk in, men in the women and women in the mens bathroom. The only thing left is to wait for the social collapse. May the Lord shed light into the darkness of the obis that obama has crawled out of and open the eyes of all the people who are still blind to the sickness that he is pouring out onto this nation, this i Pray in Jesus Holy name, to The Son The Father, and The holy spirit AMEN!!!

  • thinkabout10

    This is stupidity plain and simple. What little 14 year old boy wouldn’t like to say he is feeling like a girl for a day. So he can watch all the girl in his class take showers. Then go brag about to his friends. Where is the care for the girl that doesn’t want to be look at by a pervert. This is evil we are creating lawlessness. But just look at the government red and blue they are out of toch with reality.

  • Rodney Steward

    Poor Boy, he must be having flashbacks from his younger day of being vulnerable, again, I think he must have been a sex toy for his Kenyan Masters, this could explain his love of gays!

    • David in MA

      Obama grew up as a muslim in Indonesia and the muslims have a saying, boys are for pleasure and women for bearing children….
      I think Obama was a “pleasure boy” and liked it.

  • Sue Lenhart

    Liar, Liar, pants on fire . . . our Hypocrite-in-Chief is at it again, trying to cover up for the fact that he tried to pull off his “king” act by bossing the nation’s schools around. Anything to make himself look good. Obama, thy name is Pinocchio! Maybe that long nose will help to compensate for the burnt britches . . . it is also useful for sticking itself deep into where it doesn’t belong . . .


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