Obama’s EPA ignores Congressional Mandate for Ethanol

December 1, 2015

The Obama administration is requiring more ethanol be blended into the country’s gasoline compared with a proposal earlier this year, but the increase falls short of the aggressive targets set by Congress nearly a decade ago.

The Environmental Protection Agency said Monday that refiners will be required to blend 18.11 billion gallons of renewable fuels in 2016, an increase from the agency’s 17.4 billion May proposal, but well below the 22.25 billion target set by Congress in 2007. The increase is largely reflective of rising gasoline consumption, tied to low pump prices.

Similar changes also were made by the EPA in advanced biofuels — cellulosic ethanol made from grasses, corn stalks, wood chips and other materials — with 3.61 billion gallons mandated for next year, an increase from the 3.4 billion previously proposed, and about half of what Congress intended.

  • Artemis

    Good Morning everyone. Having been involved in Powerboat Racing (Oval Racing) for quite a few years….I’d like too shed some light on the subject. Ethanol is properly referred to as “grain” Alcohol, made from corn and quite a few other “grains” as well. We used Methanol which is derived from wood for the most part, and that is what we ran in our engines, combined with various amounts of Nitromethane, Most of the various forms of Alcohol MUST be kept in sealed containers when stored! The reason for this is that like the “drygas” that is used in colder climates, it absorbs water out of gasoline, but also absorbs moisture (water) right out out of the air. In my early days of racing, I wasn’t aware or this until I got up one morning and when I got ready to fuel my boat for racing that day, the Methanol, instead of being clear in color was a milky white! If you leave it in a storage container, gas tank, etc., that is open to the atmosphere, particularly in cold or damp weather, it becomes contaminated, and Will immediately form RUST on all of the Ferrous (iron) based parts in the engine, crankshaft, etc. Because of the water, the engine(s) will run terrible! Alcohol in general when used in engines will attack various forms of plastic I.E. components used in Carburetors, and fuel pumps.

  • The Redhawk

    To Obama and his EPA Idiots Ethanol and Islamic jihadist TERRORISTS are One and the same as far as they are concerned…. tO BE IGNORES.
    Islamos are Killing Americans and Ethanol gives Lower Gas Mileage, Pollutes more than Gasoline. Costs MORE to Produce BUT some (D) folks make Huge Profits on CORN….CRONY capitalism at WORK and IDIOTS in the US Government is what we have…

  • VicBailey

    How much dumber are the so-called government officials going to get before we finally say “THAT IS ENOUGH OF YOUR STUPIDITY”? Find some common sense or, GET OUT! All your STEALING OVER LIES IS OVER! The American people need to wake the Hell up! Semper Fi.

  • Roy Fredrichsen

    O’Bummer has screwed everything else up. Adding more Alcohol to the gasoline mixture does not make sense. First of all, it DOES NOT take you 1 inch farther than it did BEFORE alcohol was first added. Secondly, alcohol hs been dissolving the gaskets in the carbureator making it more likely to cause a fire under the hood as has happened lately.

    • VicBailey

      HIMSELF, he is his own FOOL! Semper Fi.

  • bobnstuff

    Get Ethanol out of our gas! It destroys small engines and help raise the food costs. Ethanol bio fuel was the worst idea all round. I’m all for a clean air and reducing hydrocarbons but this isn’t the way. You don’t burn your food. In ten years it won’t matter as much because many small engines will be replaced with battery power motors and the electric car will finally be practical but for now we need fuel that works.

    • Pam

      Bob, we don’t usually agree on much, but I’m definitely with you on this one. In my area, the main crops are corn and soybeans and I don’t believe any of it actually goes for human consumption.

      • bobnstuff

        50% of all small engine repairs are caused by Ethanol.

        • VicBailey

          More like 72%, I have worked on small engines all my life and have seen the damage and it is a lot more than people want to believe, nothing like getting a $10,000 Zero Turn just to watch it not preform like it is supposed to and getting filled up with water because that is what alcohol basically is. The carburetors are full of rust in 1/3 the time along with mineral deposits from hell. Its time to get that crap out of our engines. And actually autos get less mileage on Ethanol than on just regular no-lead. I have a place where I get just regular gas with no Ethanol. its more expensive but I have a lot less problems. Semper Fi.

          • bobnstuff

            My job title is Power Product Specialist and I feel like I spend half my life explaining to customer that our gas is crap. I carry this little swabs that test for bad gas and when someone tries to return a mower because it won’t run I test the gas and nine time out of ten it’s the fuel. I dump their gas out and put in fresh and send them on their way. We have one gas station that you can get bad gas at right out of the pump. We sell 32 oz. cans of ethanol free fuel. I can’t keep it in stock at $24 per gallon. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my dislike for this stupid policy.

      • Roy Fredrichsen

        Ethanol is made from corn. Was this designed to help the corn farmers? I’ll bet they don’t distill any to use as fuel in their tractors without a Federal Distillers license? As expensive as tractors and farm equipment is, running ethanol would cost more for repairs. So, who really wins?


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