Obstacles imperil budget deal

by Alexander Bolton  |  published on November 26, 2015

Congressional leaders face several hurdles to getting a budget deal done by the Dec. 11 deadline, including a fight over health funding that is holding up the omnibus spending package.

There’s also a battle brewing over dozens of policy riders aimed at Wall Street and environmental regulations that Republicans insist should be included in the legislation but Democrats warn could lead to a government shutdown.

Some Republicans also want to add language blocking President Obama’s refugee resettlement program, which would be a non-starter with Democrats, but GOP leaders are reluctant at this point to pursue that path.

  • Peatro Giorgio

    Let the demo-rats shut down the Government. They shall & will suffer the consequences of attempting to endanger the public. Through their insistence, desire to bring into our nation un vettable non vetted ISIS . Only one out of every 5 refugees who entered Europe are Serrians. So let’s let the demo-rats fight Over them, while shutting the government DOWN

    • Kent2012

      seigelinsky will start whining and blaming the GOP, remember when they wanted the free bath houses taken out of the budget…

  • hbcark

    Associate Justice Clarence Thomas called into question the constitutionality of the massive and largely unaccountable bureaucracy that we commonly refer to as the ADMINISTRATIVESTATE. How the basic principles of our Constitution’s separation of powers are incompatible with the system of bureaucratic rule that took root in the Progressive era and now reaches into virtually every realm of American life.

    It is fitting that we refer to the administrative state as a “state,” for it has become a sovereign power unto itself, an imperium in imperio regulating virtually every dimension of our lives. Its nearly 450 agencies are manned by
    legions of bureaucrats, now numbering almost 2.7 million. In 2013 alone, 3,659 final rules were issued, adding 26,417 pages to the Federal Register. All told, the Code of Federal Regulations contained 175,496 pages of regulations spread out over 235 volumes as of 2013. That represents a 7.4% increase in the number of pages in the CFR since President Obama assumed office — and that figure does not include 2014 or 2015

    Special Interest Groups buy and sell Congress members daily – the public doesn’t have a chance.

    • Kent2012

      we may soon see the real meaning of the 2nd amendment come into play…what a shame that the voting booth has been usurped by the communist interlopers…

  • Phyllis

    You may notice from the photo displayed, Nancy is never seen hanging upside down in her bat tree.

  • HappyHuntress

    Shut down the government! It is time to stop ALL refugee immigration, since our President Obama can not be trusted to put the safety of Americans first!

    • I Seigel

      Yes, shut it down!! No medical care for vets, no Social Security checks to those elderly moochers! Shut it down!!!!

      • Kent2012

        buzz off and land on another dog pile seigelinsky…

        • I Seigel

          What an intelligent reply!! Good spelling!! Now go back to your crayons and silly putty.

      • Peatro Giorgio

        As a Vet Having served in 2 branches of our armed forces I’m prepared to once again sacrifice for the many Shut here down.

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