Paul Ryan puts his stamp on GOP foreign policy

by Kristina Wong  |  published on April 22, 2016

Speaker Paul Ryan is putting his stamp on Republican foreign policy, a departure for a GOP leader who for much of his career has been focused on domestic policy.

Ryan just completed his first foreign trip as Speaker, visiting Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The trip amplified a foreign policy vision that will compete with the one coming from Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the GOP’s presidential nomination.

Ryan didn’t run away from that comparison when he returned to the United States and spoke to reporters about his trip, saying global leaders specifically thanked him for pushing back against Trump’s call for a temporary ban on all Muslims coming to the U.S.

  • sue lenhart

    But you will not get any thanks from me, Mr. Ryan, or from any other red-blooded American that you and other likeminded government idiots have sold out. If such a ban is being considered, it is because the American people are crying out for it, and for good reason. If you like the way that such people do live and do business, Mr. Ryan, then renounce your American citizenship and go live over there. I hope the people of your district in Wisconsin remember this at election time and vote in Mr. Nehlen to replace you. Remember Eric Cantor, Mr. Ryan.

  • empty pockets

    Anything “Republican” will “compete with the one coming from Donald Trump” since he’s not an actual Republican.

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