Paul Ryan talks political priorities — not Trump — in New Berlin

February 21, 2016

House Speaker Paul Ryan laid out his political priorities for the coming year during a visit to a Waukesha County manufacturing plant on Friday — but would not wade into presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent comments about Ryan and Pope Francis.

Ryan said the nation needs to jump-start the economy, create more jobs, lower corporate tax rates and balance the federal budget.

“If we do not lower tax rates … we’re going to lose businesses and jobs” to countries overseas, said Ryan, referencing Wisconsin-based Johnson Controls’ recently announced plans to move its headquarters to Ireland.

“Right now … there is $2 trillion in capital Americans have invested overseas because of our tax laws,” he said. “We want American businesses to stay American.”

Ryan spoke at a reception Friday after a tour at New Berlin-based Midland Plastics Inc., a privately held company in business since 1945 that bills itself as one of the oldest and largest plastic suppliers in the Midwest. He was introduced by Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow, who called him a “good old Wisconsin boy who understands Wisconsin values and how we want to change the way they do business in Washington.”

  • Cookie Vranish

    I would hope Paul Ryan would be voted out of office this fall. The man is a disgrace to the Republican Party. Or is the Republican Party the disgrace. In any event, the people are sick of him and his kind!

  • Pam

    I am sick to death of Paul Ryan. He’s just another rino, turncoat. He talked a big game about being fiscally responsible and then the minute he gained the speakers chair, he turned around and funded all of Soetoro’s illegal acts AND the baby killers at PP AND ESPECIALLY all those H2-B visas that allow American companies to fire their CITIZEN employees and replace them with low skill, uneducated, third world trash (like Disney)!
    As far as I am concerned, every member of Congress is now as guilty of TREASON as that Indonesian, visa overstay that is squatting in the white house (claiming to be a citizen)!

    • Rick

      They all need to be voted out of office! They are turn coats bought and paid for , their all disgusting especially Ryan, McConnel, Reed, Polosi! By the way the Pope if he wants to something to benefit mankind he shoul eExcomunicate the women who is most responsible for all the abortions and Planned parenthood Nancy “you ” have to pass it to read it Polosi! She is a disgrace to all Christians and the Devils best enabler!

  • charles17121

    Paul Ryan and the good old boys of republican party are scared shit-less that Donald Trump will be the next US President . Their boy Jeb Bush just dropped out of the race . Now the only one’s the good old boy of the republican party have to back is two candidate who do not meet US Constitutional qualifications to hold the office of US President under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio . The only other candidate is John Kasich a liberal wearing conservative cloths !

    • carpkiller

      You said it all. People just do not like the truth any more. I breath the truth. Thanks.

  • Seedman

    I am looking forward to Ted Cruz being the next president!

    • charles17121

      You’ll have a long wait ! Ted Cruz will be lucky if he is just sent back to his country of birth Canada and not prosecuted for making false statement as to his US Citizenship when running for the US Senate . Teddy boy Cruz was a Canadian Citizen until 2014 . Since when can a Canadian citizen be a member of the US Senate or run for US President ?

      • Seedman

        Spoken like a true Don Juvenile character assassin. Ted Cruz still has support and will have my vote!

        • Cookie Vranish

          Boy, you must be on the payroll. Ted or Rafael or Hosea is now hiring trolls? May as well, his wife and the big bank are paying for it.

        • charles17121

          Since when is speaking the truth character assassination ? Oh that’s right ! we shouldn’t speak the truth less we hurt someone’s little feelings .

    • kbfallon

      Me too—as long as its Canada or Cuba…Rafael Cruz…NOT!

      • Seedman

        You are welcome to move. Ted Cruz for the next president!

    • JoeGway

      Still see disappointment and tears in your future. Fingers in ears and singing,” Lalalala…” Isn’t going to work for our RINO speaker any better for him as you.

      • Seedman

        Spoken like a Don Juvenile character assassin. My conscience is clear. Ted Cruz for my support and vote!

    • Cookie Vranish

      I am sorry for your position on Ted Cruz! But what the hell, Obama fooled um too!

      • Seedman

        I saw through skunk Hussein Obama and did not even consider voting for him. This country is likely too far gone to pull out of its tailspin. It would take a man like Ted Cruz and a national revival to bring it about!

        • charles17121

          Enforcing US Constitutional law is what will stop your so called tailspin . The US Congress turned their backs on the US Constitution and the rule of law in 2008 and again in 2012 because of race .

      • charles17121

        Again , Two wrongs does not make it right !


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