Pence says he, Trump will release tax returns

by  |  published on September 4, 2016

Republican vice-presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence says he and running-mate Donald Trump will release their respective tax returns.

The Indiana governor made the vow during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” scheduled to air Sunday.

Pence said he’d release his full returns next week and that Trump would release his following the completion of an IRS audit.

Trump, a wealthy businessman who has been under pressure to release his returns, has repeatedly said he cannot until the audit is complete.

The IRS has said no laws prevents Trump from releasing them.

  • DOC

    Lincoln REALLY. See his taxes O by the way Pence you got a lead problem in Chicago .

  • Blue 3

    The Dem gov is auditing. You’d think that would get expedited.

  • Rodney Steward

    Kinda makes you wonder what Hellary’s hiding, she rushed to give her tax returns, and then started on Trump about his to turn attention away from hers!

    • Whitneygreyes2

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  • studi30

    TRUMP SAID HE CAN’T RELEASE HIS TAX INFO UNTIL THE AUDIT IS COMPLETE. What part of that don’t the libterds understand?

    • Elaine

      In the article, it said “The IRS has said no laws prevents [sic] Trump from releasing them.” I wonder why the libterds can’t understand that there’s also no law that says he MUST release them! They made the same fuss over the delay in nominating a new SC Justice. Article II Section 2 puts NO time restriction on the approval process by the Senate. I’ve known spoiled-rotten kids that act better than liberals.

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