Poll: Majority of Republicans think Obama is a Muslim

September 2, 2015

A majority of Republican voters, 54 percent, think that President Obama is a Muslim, according to a new survey from the left-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP).

Asked whether they thought Obama is a Christian or Muslim or if they were unsure, 32 percent said they were unsure. Fourteen percent said he was a Christian.

Many right-leaning voters have been deeply skeptical about Obama’s faith since before he became president.

  • girls_mom

    Obama is a Muslim and it’s dubious he is a USA citizen. The Senate and Congress both know it and there were a few Congressmen a couple of years ago that wanted to challenge that issue- notice how it never hit the media in any form- they were silenced!!! I found the information by surfing the non-biased European archived newspapers,the African Free Press website and our Government websites when Obama was nothing more than a candidate for the Presidency, the first time. That was before all information pointing to the discrepancy of Obama’s birth etc. was buried via the Progressive medias’ and through Holder’s infamous term, [He] changed pieces of the 14th Amendment and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 which was in place at the time of Obama’s birth. There were at least 18 individual law suits, after Obama was elected, pending before the Supreme Court to remove Obama from office on grounds he was ineligible to be President of the USA under Article 2 of the US Constitution. The first lawsuit was brought by a Democrat, Philip J. Berg, once Chairman of the Democrat Party and former Deputy Attorney General for the State of Pennsylvania. Other suits were lodged by concerned American citizens. Naturally, the Supreme Court sat on the suits or declared them “No Standing.” The Supreme Court has become a PR organization containing a few egotistical judges that have forgotten their duty is to interpret the Constitution’s laws and Amendments, not change them and not create laws on their own- that is not within the purview of their office.
    Here’s the crux of it and it’s duly unfair that people that have proof or suspicion have been relegated to being crackpots or anti-Obama. In juxtaposition you might want to consider them patriotic and concerned about their country in light of Obama’s two terms and Marxist transformation that is destroying our country. Having said that, I will give the information that I found:
    The African Free Press was not happy about Obama as Obama while Senator tried to influence the voting in Kenya to get his communist “Cousin” (tribal) into office, despite the people wanting a free democracy.
    There was a video on their website which made it to YouTube (and was quickly removed from YouTube). The video showed an interview with Michele Obama screaming at [their] reporters – You should be supporting my husband, he’s black. Then she said, “So what if my husband was born in Kenya, his mother was an American citizen.” All of that folks,has disappeared in the wind!!
    Now, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, specifically outlined the qualifications a mother needed to give birth outside of the USA i.e,of Europe, American Protectorate’s, etc. You had to be 19-years of age; living in the USA for 10 consecutive years through the age of 14. This is why Holder scrambled the qualifications of that Act. Obama’s mother was 18-years of age. ( age is no longer addressed in the Immigration and Nationality of 1952, online)
    Second, after the marriage to Obama went south (Obama’s father was married to an African woman when he married Obama’s mother), she married an Indonesia name Lolo Soetero who was a Muslim. Obama was adopted by this man and name changed to Barry Soetero. Why? Because in Indonesia a child cannot attend public schools unless they are an Indonesian citizen. That’s why Barry went to a Catholic School in that country until he was made a citizen of Indonesia and he attended public school by his own admittance. Indonesia, until 2012 did not have dual-citizenship ( I researched the Indonesian official website). But, here is the caveat! At age 18 persons with dual-citizenship must then choose what nationality they choose to retain. Ergo, you can longer have dual-citizenship, 18 or older!
    Further, when Obama, as a child, came back to this country with his mother (Soetoro divorced her) she did not apply for citizenship for him. If he was born in Kenya, he would have automatically been an English citizen by virtue of his father. Anyway, you slice it, Article 2 of the Constitution is explicit – any one who was not legally born a US citizen is ineligible to become President of the USA. We’ll evidentially know the truth in about two or three-hundred years from now. OR, if the next President oft the USA decides to use his power to unseal the records that colleges, Hawaii etc. have denied access to, which is a First for any person running for office and from all legal aspects of the “Sunshine Act,” and Right to Know.” bt/w Obama has 20 Social Security cards for states he has never lived in???
    You decide or research it yourself as I did. 🙂


    If the RNC had the guchels to demand a valid BC and a end to his hiding his credentials, looked into the well founded allegations of his associations and acts, I would find it surprising if B’OB were “not” a illegal, a muslim and a usurper of the Oval Office…The rule of law and the will to carry it out is at the lowest ebb ever in the history of this country….B’OB to me is a cheap muslim, with a commie bent, born to tell lies…..

    • girls_mom

      They can’t! They are a group of corrupt, greedy, sitting in an Ivory tower ( or in Boehner’s case, the nearest pub), losers – totally out of touch with the people. Their modus operandi is being wimpy on immigration, deportation, repealing Obamacare and the rest of his illegal fiats as they think it will get them the black and Hispanic vote. Just goes to show you how uniformed and self-serving they are. Since the 1980’s any Republican who WON the Presidency never garnered more than 30-32% of the Hispanic and Black vote. If the politicians would stop enabling and appeasing [them] and set their sights on doing what right for the country and its real citizens, they would win. In a nutshell, you don’t need the black or Hispanic vote (that’s if its ensured illegals don’t put their X in the ballot box for more socialist Democrats.

  • dmttbt

    One point I would like to make clear to everyone is that when a politician such as Obama comes to a town to speak his security precedes him. The people who are allowed around him to ask questions are screened and then allowed to be there and ask questions. It is not by any means a town hall type meeting. You may have seen Trump lately have a reporter escorted out of a speech, not because of what he was saying, but because of the fact he had not been called on to ask a question. He was allowed back in and later got to ask his question.
    Because of Trump we have some good candidates and none of them are politicians. I will vote for the one I think has the best chance and if I don’t get the best one I will still feel I could not have gotten anything worse than what we already have.

    • girls_mom

      Don’t forget. Obama, the orator ( riiiiight) has to have his “Binky” ( teleprompter) or he can’t utter a word without stammering.

  • Poesmom

    and according to Mohammed, they have permission to LIE if it means pushing their religion on everyone. He’s very good at lying.

  • dmttbt

    did he or did he not write in his book that when it all comes down I will choose Muslim?

    • girls_mom

      That’s absolutely correct. He stated if he had to make a choice he would stand with the Muslims, in his first term. And morons voted him in a second time. Duh!

      • dmttbt

        I had an uncle who died of cancer and when I still feel I have a guilty conscience because of the way I talked to him when he told me he was going to vote for Obama when he was running for the second term. The language I used was overwhelmingly offensive. I asked if he had lost his     –   mind. I said why and he said because he thought he(Obama) needed more time. I replied that he needs at least 40 years in prison. I also asked my uncle if he remembered what he had told me when Obama ran the first time.  Then I told him that he told me that it might be the first time he didn’t vote. I reminded him that was because the only choices he had was going to be a half black man and a woman and he was certainly not going to vote for either of them. He voted for Obama because he was a Democrat, and his daddy (my grandfather) was a democrat. My uncle was in a bus drivers union and of course they are always pro democrat. My other uncles were for obama for the same reason. I loved my uncle and my deceased grandfather also but my grandfather had spent his life on a farm milking about 5 or 6 cows and growing tobacco. He knew almost nothing outside of his farm and seldom if ever went to town. He loved to watch what they called live studio wrestling on television, which was fake also. As for a political scholar I would not think so. What I am trying to say is that is why people voted for him. No reason at all.

  • The redhawk

    If Not a CONVICTED NUSLIM the TOOL is at Least a Narcissistic Thin Skinned Progressive Alinsky Anarchist A$$ HOLE!

  • snowyriver

    Has anyone seen the article on a female Islamic convert to Christianity who married a Christian man.. Well her family shot them both. Have any of Obama’s half brothers tried to shoot him? Go figure.

  • Dave In Arizona

    Well, Obama was born a Muslim. His father was and by Islamic law so is Obama. Since Obama now claims to be a Christian, he is guilty of apostasy and, per Islamic scripture, subject to the death penalty.

    • girls_mom

      From your lips to ISIS’ ears!!

  • billwhit

    Obama loves to use the Islamic Taqiyya, where he can LIE to the face of the Infidel to advance satan’s Islam! Obama is a Muslim, and it is so easy to tell, the way he backs out Enemies and gives our allies the cold shoulder, like Israel! Obama is a fecal maggot Homosexual Muslim Pig like the rest of them! Be so nice when the morning headline is his obituary!

    • girls_mom

      You go, billwhit. But, remember, it’s usually only Republican Presidents that have had assignation attempts aimed at them.

      • No need for an assassination, just a misguided golf ball could work too, lol! There was JFK, but he was more Conservative than any RINO in the GOP today. The Democratic Party today is more Far Left Looney Tune Commie types who bow down to Islam, and the GOP is not far behind, with all the RINOS. That is why we need Term Limits on Congress. A stroke would also work! May a veggie out of the fecal maggot, lol, Mike would spend his life wiping dribble from Husseins mouth instead of sperm, lol!

    • Denise ogrady

      Can’t happen soon enough!

  • teaman

    If you media pundits had done your homework, you would have found long before Obama, the Manure Spreader, ran for president that he was an islamic and is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood….translated, Muslim Brotherhood For Terrorists!

    • Paul Dragotto

      so which one of you is going to waste him? 🙂

      • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

        He’s already a waste.

  • Dudley DoRight.


    • Terry Rushing

      Really? I thought it might be one of his 72 virgins as advance payment for the mess he has already created in this country.

      • Dudley DoRight.

        Where would a Muslim store those 72 goats?

        • Paul Dragotto

          her profile looks like a Chimpanzie.

      • dmttbt

        those virgins will be young boys.

  • victoriadelacy

    The evidence has been all over the place since he first ran for the presidency. Pictures of Obama kneeling in mosques around the world have been out there. He made reference to the call to Muslim prayer as being the prettiest sound on earth. He refused to celebrate the National Day of (Christian) Prayer since having usurped the office of the presidency. He even went so far as to declare that he had no objection to the construction of a Ground Zero salt-in-the-wound victory mosque. He has scarcely lifted a finger to stop the evil that is ISIS and he has been determined to import more Muslims to America after having erroneously also made reference to America as being “the biggest Muslim nation on earth”. I have news for that destructive oval office occupant – we were founded a distinctly CHRISTIAN nation, and we the people fully intend to KEEP it that way, too!

    • dmttbt

      The united states has had Muslims for a long time but not in the number we currently have and they are now serving in our government. Lou Alcindor, Malcolm X , Muhammad Ali are a few of the more famous ones who we have had for a long time but nothing like what we have now. I might also mention that the converts to Muslim are mostly blacks and in prison when they convert. All who know someone who goes to prison knows that they find religion when they get locked up.

  • Roy Clingenpeel

    If he did not have an army of security guards, his professing to be a Christian would be put to an end by the card carrying Muslims for trying to quit the faith. He would have his head separated from his shoulders for blasphemy of the Koran as they are doing in the mid east. Yahweh please protect us from this hoard of radicals.

  • bobnstuff

    29% believe in Big foot and 79% believe in UFO’s. If you want to find the truth conduct a poll of the American people. If they say it on TV it must be true.

    • Terry Rushing

      You must be talking about those who hang on the words of CNN and NBC. I watch Newsmax myself and listen to the Patriot channel (channel 125) whenever I’m in my vehicle for my information.

      • bobnstuff

        Do you ever fact check what you read or hear? Have you ever found that the information is not what they are saying. All media lies from time to time and they twist facts even more, I said all so don’t say I’m picking on yours alone. I take very little of what they say on these sights as facts. Polls only show how uninformed people are. I will bet you believe Obama said he was coming for your guns.

        • Poesmom

          Nah! Why should we believe our lying eyes?

    • girls_mom


  • Mort Leith

    He’s a GA*Ymuzzie ALL day long…..
    His treasonous act of using US Taxes to give ARMS and AID to our enemy (hist muzlim terrorist buddies),,, is Impeachable

  • 7papa7

    I would be absolutely shocked if obama were a Christian. He raves about all that the muzzies stand for, he imports muslims under persecution in syria but NOT Christians, he talks about if push comes to shove he will throw his support behind islam and the list goes on and on and on ad nauseum. When he spoke at Georgetown U he demanded that ALL Christian references were covered. He has shown absolutely nothing to say he is a Christian and has shown a myriad of things to show he is a camel jockey. My judgement is of the fruit that he bares not his heart, only God can judge that but all of the fruit that he bares is rotten to the core.

  • Ddenney1

    I do not see how he can even fake being a Christian!!! When you right a speech or have one written and misquote the Bible is one thing but when you use clinging to your Bible as an insult and call Paul a bigot because GOD doesn’t agree with Broke something is NOT right in your belief system!!


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