Pro-life group slams Obama’s FDA for expanding access to abortion pill

May 5, 2016

Pro-life group Live Action on Wednesday released a video that it says exposes “lies” spread by the Food and Drug Administration about RU-486, known as the “abortion pill.”

The video features former-abortionist-turned-pro-life-advocate Dr. Anthony Levatino, who discusses the danger posed to mothers who take RU-486.

By cutting off Progesterone, a hormone naturally produced by women, RU-486 breaks down the lining of the uterus, cutting off blood and nourishment to the child in the womb and killing it, Dr. Levatino said in the video.

He said after taking another drug called Misoprostol, which causes severe cramping, contractions and heavy bleeding in the uterus, the dead baby is forced out of the womb.

  • Rodney Steward

    The people and women that kill these kids have no one to answer to but the one ABOVE!

    • I Seigel

      EXACTLY!!! Excellent comment Rodney. You nailed it! So the rest of us should just shut up and butt out, and let these women deal with The One Above, and their doctors. IT’S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!

      • Harvey Thomas Creech

        I think it’s the business of those in Congress who are enraged at the excesses of Planned Parenthood to do everything in their power to get Federal funds for PP cut off.

        • I Seigel

          And I think it’s the business of those in Congress to deal with the growing threat of Russia’s troop buildup in Europe and their navy buildup in the Arctic. I think they should worry about ISIS and North Korea and JOBS. Let the few million women who are helped by the services that PP offers alone. There are MUCH bigger problems facing us.

          • Harvey Thomas Creech

            Hey, Mr. or Ms. Seigel, just because I happened to focus my attention on Planned Parenthood because they are currently in the news, doesn’t mean I am unconcerned about the world issues you are concerned about. Right now in the moment I am concerned about domestic issues, s.a. the Presidential campaigns, Federal govt. overreach on ‘bathroom bills’, our eroding 1st Amendment freedoms, domestic violence, college students with their ‘safe zones’ who can’t take hearing different viewpoints, the almost daily ideological assaults on Christians, political correctness run amok, etc. I can only comment on what I am concerned about at that moment. Besides, there’s very little the ordinary Joe can do to affect our foreign policy. Being smug and superior, thinking that posters have to cover all issues, both foreign and domestic, in one post is rather demeaning. If you only want to deal with the foreign issues, knock yourself out; just don’t criticize those of us who want to focus on something else.

          • I Seigel

            Yes, it sounds like you’re concerned about everything that Fox, Breitbart and the rest of the right wing of the mainstream media want you to be concerned about, while they rip off the citizens of this country with their greedy banks, cozy oil and arms deals, and other BS.

          • Harvey Thomas Creech

            Your reply to my comment tells me everything I need to know about your politics, i.e., left wing. With your comment about greedy banks, you must be a Bernie Sanders supporter. Not sure what you are saying about the right wing of the mainstream media – are you implying that FOX News, Breitbart, etc. own banks, make ‘cozy’ oil and arms deals, and use illegal alien labor to make what you call obscene profits.? And so what if I listen to Fox, Rush Limbaugh, and other conservative radio and TV people. It’s a free country(although it’s getting less free over the last 8 years). You’re free to espouse your crazy socialist and PC views just as I am free to espouse my(to you)crazy conservative views.

          • I Seigel

            Agreed. We are both free to espouse our crazy views.

            Just because I recognize the greed of Wall Street banks and hedge fund managers doesn’t mean I’m a Sanders supporter. It means that I paid attention during the 2008 meltdown of Washington Mutual and Countrywide and Lehman Brothers. And I continue to pay attention to the outrageous steps these assholes take to avoid paying taxes – like setting up museums for their art collections as a “charitable donation”, but then not allowing anyone to enter the museum. Like the “social welfare agencies” they establish, which are really just tax-deductible ways to funnel unlimited money to politicians.

            No, I didn’t mean to imply the media were involved in cozy arms deals. I said the media are complicit. While the “Old World Order” is hiding behind smoke and mirrors, making you look one way (“conservative” issues like bathroom bills and PP), they’re doing their dirty work in another direction. The classic magician’s talent of misdirection.

            Today it was reported that a HUGE data breach occurred last year, exposing millions of passwords, email addresses and ID info into the dark web. Experts don’t know yet when the data breach occurred, who did it, or where the data was obtained. And it’s the same thing happening with “conservatives” now. In another year, we’ll probably realize all the BS that is happening right now while we’re not looking, while everyone is consumed with bathrooms and reports of Obama “coming for our guns”.


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