Pro-Romney forces given reins to GOP convention rules, positioned to launch anti-Trump coup

June 21, 2016

The specter of Donald Trump’s presidential nomination being ripped from under him in a nastily contested Republican National Convention next month is alive — again.

Anti-Trump forces appeared to have been defeated after he ousted his remaining opponents from the race in early May and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus all signaled that Mr. Trump had sewn things up.

But weeks of bad press stemming from Mr. Trump’s criticism of a federal judge and uneven handling in the aftermath of the Orlando, Florida, terrorist shooting have kick-started efforts to deny Mr. Trump the nomination on the convention floor.

The dump-Trump forces may have received another opening last week when Mr. Priebus tapped Utah RNC member Enid Greene Mickelsen and Massachusetts RNC member Ron Kaufman as Republican National Convention Rules Committee chairwoman and co-chairman, respectively.

  • ricktenny

    Isn’t it kinda peachy how Priebus makes all nice and then gives the keys to those who would take Trump down. Or a least try. Ain’t it something what the king makers will try when they see their gravy train slow down.

  • Reneerrowe1
  • onefour

    They need to be taken to the wood shed and get some sense pounded in to them from the bottom up. If they screw things up I will never vote for any that has caused this to happen.

  • Lilly Putney

    What I meant was go to Donald’s site at On that site you can get all of his rally schedules and do a donation straight to him not to the RNC. If I was Trump they would not see a dime of my money until after the convention. That way if they screw him they screw all of them and it would serve them right.

  • DeweyL

    Romney couldn’t win when he run so he needs to keep his mouth shut. I voted for Romney before but that was a waste of my vote.He knows Trump is the only one that can beat Clinton. If Clinton wins we can kiss America good bye.

  • Patriot47

    Call pro-Romney what it is – PRO-HILLARY.

  • Ann

    The lack of success, for a third party presidential candidate, has been clear throughout our history. They do tend to swing votes away from the party that rejected them, which is apparently what Romney wants. My guess would be that he’s a closet Hillary supporter.

  • PC Bob

    And you were hoping for an ‘honest’ election? Even the GOP can’t resist the temptation of slanting the results! It’s now about time for a third party, but not until AFTER the election! It needs time to gel.

  • Retired Marine

    No matter what BS the RNC pulls, I being an Independent will write in Trump’s name if need be. If they pull that crap, the RNC is finished, and good riddance to bad garbage..Romney had all the support and couldn’t beat a loser who had no leverage other than dead voters, multiple voters, and illegal voters. Still, Candy Crowley beat him like a red headed step child in the debate, obama didn’t.
    Go TRUMP

  • Curtis Jones Jr

    There will be WAR, if Trump is not nominated. What the loser Leadership in the Republican Party don’t get is that we are sick of them, they do NOT represent us or the Party. Ryan is going to lose the re-elect in Wisconsin.

  • fedup

    The RNC and the DNC all believe the people are nothing but donors to their vacation clubs. They believe they have the people in power and position to do whatever they want to do. “We the people” have to stand united and overthrow the political machine by our united votes. NO HELLERY, term limits, balanced budget, removal of unqualified leaders in our military, Honest judges, no more PC rules and other insane rulings must go. The country is being handed over to the forces of evil. TIME TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, LORD WILLING. I eagerly await the Second Coming of Christ and while I do I want to set the record straight about who are the evil ones.


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