Rand, Ron Paul rip Cruz for missing Audit the Fed vote

by Jordain Carney | The Hill  |  published on January 13, 2016

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) ripped Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday after the Texas Republican skipped a vote on his “Audit the Fed” proposal.

Paul, who is competing with Cruz for the Republican presidential nomination, said he was “disappointed” Cruz “didn’t show up for work” for a procedural vote on Paul’s legislation.


He tweeted a photo of Cruz, saying that voters “can’t even trust Ted to show up to vote on an issue as important as Audit the Fed.”

  • ADRoberts

    More to this. What I want to know is if this “procedural” vote was of any consequence. Did it make any difference or was this all grand standing on Paul’s part.
    Is there any chance that the bill is going to pass, when you have Cornyn and McConnell giving cover to the Fed?

  • Faithful American

    SLIMEBALL Ron Paul is so JEALOUS that he got kicked DOWN to the 2nd TIER of the upcoming FOX DEBATE (tomorrow), that Paul has ALREADY stated HE will be a “NO SHOW” at the DEBATE!

    It seems Paul is doing the EXACT SAME THING that HE is accusing Cruz of DOING, and if I were Cruz, I would THROW that right BACK in Paul’s FACE!

    • Glenda Jordan

      My thoughts exactly. Paul is such a crybaby, reminds me of Jeb another that shouldn’t be on the main stage. Neither are CIC material and don’t know when it’s time to bow out with some dignity.

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