Reid Calls for GOP Leaders to Denounce Trump

March 20, 2016

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid accused House and Senate GOP leaders of “moral cowardice” Thursday for not disavowing GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

“No one is working harder to support Donald Trump than Mitch McConnell,” Reid said of the Kentucky Republican who is Senate majority leader.

Reid, D-Nev., said the Senate leader’s decision not to consider President Barack Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court reflects the sort of obstruction that Trump embraces. “Donald Trump followed the Mitch McConnell playbook,” in calling for “delay, delay delay,” he said.

The fact that even in speaking against Trump, McConnell and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., will not oppose the billionaire businessman’s candidacy is, “precisely the kind of moral cowardice that enabled the rise of Trump,” Reid said in a speech before the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

  • Elizabeth Davis

    throw him out he is brainless and has tried to get land to sell to the Chinese so his son could make a big profit

  • Bobbi17

    Hey Harry, there has never been a bigger obstructionist to our country than you. By the way, why didn’t you have your democratic senate and democratic house vet that traitor that is occupying the White House right now? If you had done your job, our country wouldn’t be in the mess it is in right now. Getting you out of the senate is the best thing that could ever happen. You are the prime example of the “corrupt politician”. You calling Trump out is like the pot calling the kettle black. You, of all people, have no room to talk. Get over it.

  • Anthony

    It is because of Idiots like Reid and Cruz that caused the main problems in the USA here’s what Cruz have been up to and Idiot Reid backs him up . Cruz,??? Just think, you have a brain to do the thinking yourself. If Cruz is so good why doesn’t he comes with something new, something that e can and will do when he becomes President, instead he just sounds like a preacher with such a low tone sweet talking just like a preacher telling you just what you want to hear, instead of trying to find something better then what Trump is offering and prove that he have something better to offer then Trump, yes Cruz have been part of the old group of politicians he knows the lingo. All the talk but can not and will not do the walk.

    You may not like Trump because he is straight forward, he tells it like it is he does not put any sugar on his words but he tells the truth. Now if the voters only realize what these politicians are doing behind everyone’s back you would stop and think who do you want for President. There is a little pack worked out behind the curtain, Sanders, Clinton, Cruz, and Kasick they are all in it together to block Trump they want him out at any cost. Why I ask, well again stop and think. Sanders does not have much of a chance and he is hoping Clinton goes to jail or is found not eligible, and he does not want to go against Trump, as for Clinton she does not want to build a wall she wants bridges, well we can see what happens when the gates are opened and they just come in. Clinton does not want to go against Trump, because she does not have it, if she is depending on Bill being behind the curtain giving instructions on what to say what to do, well we all saw what he did to the banking etc. etc. list would be too big. If there is truly a serious investigation on all that have been happening, the Democrat may decide to ask her to move on. As for Kasick he is looking for a #2 spot, does not have what this Country need to turn it around. Remember Trump does not have to hide, and he sure tells it like it is. And I don’t think that he will ever turn to be one of them ass kissers.

  • kathy diamond


  • Howie Subnick


  • Ralph

    If reid don’t like him then definately vote for Trump, reid is an old fool.

  • drrocko

    Keep running your mouth Reid – and your brother will beat the sheite out of you again 🙂

  • JOE

    F harry reid!

  • JOE

    john mccain your brain on CRACK!

  • JOE

    F harry reid! long live Donald Trump!

  • TOM

    Fairy Reid shut the fukk up. You are a piece of trash. You have done more to tear this country apart than anyone currently running or in office.

  • Cookie Vranish

    This is beyond funny! I swear Reid was endorsing Trump a short while ago. And if he wasn’t, what business is it for one of the most corrupt people in the Senate for many years to come up with something about morality!

  • Colon

    Sure this leach wants the GOP to take Trump down, so Killary may win. McConnell and Reid are buddy and leaches on their attack. They both should be dethroned from Congress on election day.

  • Debbie

    Stay on your side and we will say on ours. I would suggest that you denounce Hillary.

  • Carline D. Long Jr.

    After reid lied during romney’s presidential run and was asked why he lied, he said ” It worked didn’t it?” He is nothing more than an old lying POS.

  • WhereDidMyLibertyGo?

    He’s got a big mouth for the grandson of a hanged horse thief.

  • Abel

    Harry Reid wouldn’t know a moral if it bit him on the ass. He is typical of a Nevada democrat politician, all wind and no rain. He should have been retired years ago”

  • Curt

    F_UCK YOU harry

  • TAM44

    reid is still in charge as mitch mcconnell is one of them and looks like paul ryan is another younger verrsion of john cry baby boehner. there’s not a dimes worth of difference in these two parties, they are both destroying America for obama.

  • Patriot( retired Navy)

    Harry Reid doesn’t know what the term “moral” means and neither do most in DC. This dried up old prune should have been removed long ago, The rest are spineless weasels who bow down to an unconstitutional president, they are too busy lining their pockets and lying to the American people.

  • Messenger

    “Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid”…definitely, Reid is not democrat or republican, he is an anti-American global socialist by heart and actions.

  • Margaret Bungard

    Oh goodie, another Mormon who is bashing Trump. I was taught long ago that Mormons are to be kind to others. I guess Harry Reid and Mitt Romney skipped that class. Trump/West 2016!

  • Jerry

    Harry is corrupt to the core, Obstruction, delay? he needs to look at his record.

  • George Cullen

    Go away.
    Retire in peace and phoney dignity.
    Just, puleeze go away now.
    You’ve caused enough trouble and made your shady million$ off insider trading and “special” real estate dealings.
    You have nothing good to offer.
    You only take.

  • AHP1081

    So a communist (reid) suggests that a the GOP leaders mostly( progressive socialists) needs to denounce another progressive socialist (trump). Now that is interesting!

  • Red

    It would be wonderful if we were all equal under the law………..
    Just imagine what a asset forfitude case could be made against ill gotton gains from corrouption.

  • Luke

    hairy reed is the typical scum of the liberal party..

  • ed

    Harry Reid, the frying pan calling the kettle black! Pray America! “If MY people, who are called by MY NAME, shall humble themselves and pray and seek MY FACE, and turn from their wicked ways, then I Will hear from Heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land.” This is the answer to all our problems, not only in the U.S., but in the world.
    “Seek first The Kingdom Of GOD and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and all of these things shall be given to you besides.” “I will Bless those who Bless Israel, and curse those who curse ISRAEL.” “Choose you this day who you will serve, as for me and my household, we will serve The LORD!”

  • dkuch

    GEEEE looks like Dirty Harry is trying to get the other eye blacked. Fools in congress are all afraid of Trump because he will let the tax payers that elected these fools, exactly what these fools do in Washington DC. All of these senators and representatives are not happy that the voting people will realize just what these people do when they are sent to be our voices in government.

  • Pat Griffin

    When will this a…..hole just DIE?

  • Mike

    Reid you are out of your league , you’re a has-been the whole planet knows you are a conniving lowlife peace of shit, i’m confident only the people standing next to you are the ones that think like you. Its over the fat lady has sung her last song your done. You just denounced yourself to the Millions of Americans that are SICK TO DEATH OF SCUM LIKE YOU THINKING YOU CAN VOICE YOUR WORDS AND MAKE A DIFFERANCE. SHUT T. F. U. and G. F. Y. Donald J. Trump will be President and clean all you booze sucking shrimp eating, caviare cracker jack’en specialist of doing nothing but sucking a paycheck out of the tax payers dollars right out on your big Fat over stuffed A$$eS. Pack Your Bags………

    • Mike

      Maybe I should tell him how I really feel.

    • Margaret Bungard

      I love your post! I am also sick and tired of hearing these cry-baby politicians complain about Donald Trump. They need to just shut up and let we the people decide who WE want as President. The silent majority is silent no more.

      • Mike

        I’m old school, Men don’t take advantage of any other person or people. Men listen to the problem, think about what would be the best solution, voice your opinion, and let others think about the solution, sit down, put all the cards on the table pull from each hand and build the best solution. Being agreeable and open to other suggestions is the way to win. Isn’t that what the presidents congress is there for. A president who makes up his own mind and pushes his agenda onto the people must be removed from office.

  • Peter Smith

    As soon as Dirty Harry denounces the DC Idiot, Obama, the GOP might denounce one of our own …. Now Harry, hold your breath and wait for it ……

  • Thomas Goss

    I wish this ASSHOLE had died when he had his so called accident.

  • Karll

    Go away Harry. You’re a walking, talking piece of excrement.
    Look how Schumer manages to weasel his face into the picture.

  • Webb

    Nevada, please elect your next Senator that will have the objective of America’s Future instead of one that only has politics in mind..
    Lets denounce Reid and thank goodness this is his last year in the Senate and the damage he caused…

  • reggie

    Reid is a self-serving azz hole, with my apologies to the azz holes of the world. He is a traitor. Putting his son Rory up to front a Chines company so the Chinese could buy federal lands, dirt cheap and build solar panels. Apparently, that’s what the Bundy affair was all about.

  • Terry Rushing

    I thought “horrible Harry” was going to retire.I would like to see the old crook gone and take Nancy “the nut” Pelosi with him.

    • Karll

      I would like to see Harry’s drunken brother Larry Reid bear the snot out of Harry at least one more time.

  • generalJed

    Senator Reid is the most corrupt politician Nevada has ever produced. He is behind using election machines to corrupt the 2014 and 2016 Republican Congressional Primary in the rural counties. He is a stockholder in George Soro’s voting machine company, from which Nevada gets its’ machines. I am one of three citizens, of White Pine County, as well as our Attorney General, who have filed papers looking into these voting irregularities. Senator Reid is so brazen and arrogant, that he thinks that he can get away with voter fraud again in our upcoming primary.

    • reggie

      0b0 and romney are/were part of the soros scheme. He’s now apparently started a private company, and dummy companies so it will be more difficult to track him. We need to go back to paper, recount-able voting.

    • Rodney Steward

      The fools that live there are no better, they keep voting the B-TARD in office!

    • Cindi

      you are so right. he needs out of there. kasich also needs to go. look at the 2012 election in ohio when that black women was on tv in OHIO bragging about voting 9 times that day under 9 different names for OBAMA. the GOV let that go on so why would anyone want that. go back to honest people and paper.

  • Chris Robinette

    I call for all democraps to denounce Reid.

    • Joann Holmes

      I second that motion, except it should read to denounce all demorats as communists.

      • podunk1

        The “Hairy Reed” is as good an example of treason as it gets! Trump needs to smear a little of Finicum’s blood on “The Reed’s” mirror!

        Needs saying here too…
        We must end the treason and lawlessness Trump promises to end during his rallies! It’s the answer to saving the USA! The battle cry is elect a conservative or Hillary, Bernie, or a RINO will finish Obama’s overthrow of the Constitution and country!! Can’t anyone imaginable how damnably suicidal and stupid that is in a nation with Article 3-3, the Constitution, and an entire government bound by 2nd oath allegiance and more? Why aren’t the traitors impeached, arrested, jailed, or hung according to long standing law? We have mass INDIVIDUAL betrayal of allegiance within government!

        That will never happen by Trump’s repeatedly promised process of forcing, compromising, bribing, and negotiating with lawless and treasonous officials to get a good deal! That describes the current RINO/MAOIST progressive tyranny! The only deal is allegiance to an uncompromised Constitution with due probable cause arrest/prosecution with “supreme” emphasis on Supreme law (Article 6)! Failure to do that betrays the allegiance required be BE president.

        The disqualifier is Trump’s dictatorial attack, destroy, and humble anything that gets in his way policy! Trump’s fat-man lap dog and Carson trophies defame the presidency as tyranny!

        Cruz will use the Constitution against its enemies, and they know it! Cruz’s allegiance is to God and Constitution, not himself. As touted by Trump, progressive RINOS and Maoist democrats don’t like or support Cruz… because Cruz honors his allegiance; and “that” is a mortal threat to any traitor!

        • Abel

          Cruz is as legal as the Kenyan Obama. IMO the Constitution was written by the Founders who were using English Common Law for guidance. At that time women were considered chattel and owned as well as controlled by men, and citizenship at birth followed the father, not the mother. Cruz’s parents were in Canada at the time of his birth, and his father was a Mexican citizen, so he was a Mexican citizen. His parents became US Citizens LATER, so Ted is not a “Natural Born” citizen of the USA and ineligible to run or hold the office of President, Vice-President, or any office that might lead him to become president. We have an illegal alien in office now, and although Ted Cruz is a good man and very well qualified, we don’t need another problem like Obama presents. He remains with this cloud over his head as a candidate, and no doubt the democrats will bring it up again.

          • podunk1

            Unnatural born Obama became a tyrant and dictator who has destroyed more of the Constitution and country with zero problem arising from the ruling US cabal… leaving zero room for complaint by any progressive RINO/Maoist-democrat or anyone else who let him rule atop the DC manure pile!

            Article 2, Section 4 “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, BRIBERY, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors…” for sure, eliminates Trump and the Clinton family from any US office! In fact Hillary, Bernie, and Trump would never make it past Amendment 14-3 “No (oath bound) person shall … hold any office… (who has) engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the (Constitution), or given aid or comfort to (its) enemies…”! Look up the words “insurrection, rebellion, and treason” in a Webster’s Dictionary and think of the endless friends they have that are enemies of the Constitution! None noted could ever meet the allegiance requirements of 2nd or presidential oaths, especially preserve, protect, & defend the Constitution or faithfully discharge duties! If the election is between Hillary the “whoreable” vs. Dastardly Donald the negotiator, the USA will implode because each knows all the dastardly deeds and dirt of the other and neither one has a hang-up in dealing or compromising with the devil just for the hell of it.

            Think about it – all noted and associated with those noted PASSIONATELY HATE CRUZ, because they know he will defend, protect, and enforce the Constitution against those enemies to restore freedom, prosperity, wealth, and the laws that make it possible. That is the identical goal of Cruz and every enthused Trump supporter with the exception of who will do it. Trump says HE will do it by bribing, negotiating, and compromising with the enemy. That is fatal! Cruz says the Constitution will do it by enforcing it to remove and punish the enemy by Constitution and due process.

          • podunk1

            PS. You should have watched the video… we need to understand the enemy within to eliminate the mortal risks in a rational due process manner that will not allow the chaos and destruction Obama’s Arab Spring laid on the Md East – Benghazi, Egypt, Syria, Isis, etc.

          • Cookie Vranish

            Well I can’t dispute you on this but I would add that the Republicans could offer up a bunch from their side also!

          • podunk1

            …And I’ll bet my list will not look much different than yours… a would be tie between Reid, McConnell, Pelosi, Ryan, and Boehner, where the Hairy Reed stands out with patriot blood on his hands regarding the Finicum execution which related to the BLM/Homeland war on the Bundy Ranch,and selling “public” land/land rights to enemy nations etc.

            Obama would be first, but those named betray allegiance to protect the Constitution, country, and citizens.

            My RINO senators (Alexander and Corker) are close behind for mocking Article 2-2 to give Iran nuke powers that will be used to nuke Israel and the US, AND the Pacific outsourcery of jobs (i/3 approval instead of 2/3) and in-sourcery of alien workers to drive wages down as an Obama/Alinsky bottoms up top down strategy to collapse the US economy

      • Chris Robinette

        Motion is therefore modified to include all democraps.

    • voncile fullwood

      yea! right on out the door and into his rocking chair ,dirty hairy needs to along with killer Hillary to the prison cell

    • Cindi

      right on thats the best thing that could happen.


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