Report: Clinton’s jobs push as senator fell flat, helped donors

by  |  published on August 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s jobs record as a New York senator – which her campaign has made a centerpiece of her pitch to voters – is coming under fresh scrutiny, with a new report claiming her economic initiatives fell flat for workers, while benefiting deep-pocketed donors.

The Washington Post report found that, as a senator from 2001-2009, the now-Democratic presidential nominee was unable to pass “big ticket legislation” that she introduced to benefit upstate New York, as job growth stagnated and manufacturing jobs fell by almost 25 percent.

The Post cites U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers showing upstate New York lost jobs during Clinton’s first term, with Albany losing more than 31,000 payroll jobs between October 2001 and December 2006.

Former officials told the Post that smaller-scale projects also fell flat despite positive news coverage, with jobs failing to materialize and others leaving the state ahead of her failed 2008 presidential run.

Republican rival Donald Trump seized on the report Monday, citing the “devastating” findings as he delivered an economic address in Detroit.


    Clinton’s are Crooked… Not for America… Our only choice is Trump…Don’t let the democrats destroy our country any further….. VOTE TRUMP…The Only Choice!!!

  • sgt524

    Well she did displayed herself as a victim in her run for Senate. Her opponent Rick Lazio approached her podium during the debate and she acted shocked, following which the press painted him as an obvious chauvinist and unfit for office after a brilliant career as a congressman.

  • robert sanders

    Another lie from HITLER HILLARY that she created jobs when she held out her hand for money.

    • Catherinewshearer

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      • robert sanders

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  • champion2211

    Did this bitch have anything that worked to help America? I didn’t see anything in her goodie file. Nothing but bad $hit.

    • Tiffanyjbryan1

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