Report: Megyn Kelly meets privately with Trump

by Jesse Byrnes  |  published on April 13, 2016

Donald Trump and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly reportedly met Wednesday at Trump Tower in New York after months of feuding.

The meeting was brokered by Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, a source with knowledge of the situation told CNNMoney.

NBC reporter and MSNBC anchor Ayman Mohyeldin had reported that Kelly was seen entering Trump Tower shortly before noon Wednesday, according to a two tweets from network employees.

Representatives for Trump and Fox did not return inquires from The Hill about the meeting.

Trump feuded with Kelly for months following her questioning of him at the first GOP debate in August. He then skipped a Fox debate she co-hosted in late January before being cordial in a March debate.

  • Gary Smith

    This will just give Tfrump more publicity and another chance to whine about how unfair they are to him

  • Reasoned thinker

    Upaces / The Atheist Libertarian / dominke — I tend to agree with ALL three of you about what each of you has stated. Kelly really did go off the rails with Trump, but I’m uncertain now if Fox EVER really was “Fair and Balanced,” as it always PURPORTED itself to be!!! To say that I am now “skeptical” about Fox is really a GIANT understatement.

    Dominke”s point about Murdock is a scary thought . . . . . and is one substantiated by lots of sources by now, eh? If Murdock is really advocating / and funding the “open borders” concept, as MANY people are now stating he does, then “all bets are off,” regarding Fox. Actually, I do believe Fox IS an “enemy” right now! We (our family, i.e.) has dropped Fox as our source of news, since the “attack dog, smiling Megyn Kelly” disclosed her REAL character . . . her disgust for the Republican Party . . . and for Donald Trump . . . in her despicable attacks on Trump in late 2015.

    In short, I can’t stand Kelly anymore. I wish she would simply leave entirely television entirely. I’m sure Fox’s ratings and viewership have taken a terrible beating since those episodes against Trump last year. I certainly hope so! I trust R. Ailes, in his desperation to begin getting “positive” revenues going again at Fox, had been directed (by Murdock) to try to get the fiasco, which Kelly had caused, smoothed over. Anyone hear anything about? . . . or to the contrary?

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Kelly and Perino need to move to CNN.

    • djm4706

      Frankly all of them should leave, but it is probably too late. I’ve written off Faux News some time ago.

    • USNavyPatriot

      Didn’t someone leak Kelly is leaving Fox soon?

      • Robert Kahlcke

        She claims her contract expires soon.
        Thank you for your service.

        • Reasoned thinker

          . . . . . . and I hope Kelly goes soon . . . and make certain that she NOT let the exterior door hit her on the way out!!! Ugh!

        • USNavyPatriot

          Thanks, my honor.

  • dkuch

    Maybe she is working for George Soros!!!

  • dominke

    Fox is not fair and balanced. Murdock is funding illegal immigrants. They are breaking the law and should be charged. When Fox first came on TV I backed them. They have become one of the enemies of the people.

    • Robert Early

      Murdock is as bad as Soros. They both are old enough to walk into the wilderness to die. I think that Ms Kelly was simply following the wishes of her boss. She is a pretty, very talented lady who got off the fair-and-balanced track.
      Perhaps she is ready to now listen to other voices of reason.

  • Upaces

    I do hope Fox does change back to “FAIR AND BALANCED.”
    Kelly did go off the rails.

    • The Atheist Libertarian

      Yes… she did.

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