Reporter beaten, spared in Milwaukee riots: ‘Stop! He’s not white! He’s Asian!’

August 25, 2016

A journalist who covered the Milwaukee riots this month wrote an essay for Politico magazine detailing his horrific beating during the violence that only stopped after his black attackers realized he was Chinese-American.

Aaron Mak, an intern who was reporting on scene for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, said he was brutally beaten while covering the racial riots, prompted by the Aug. 13 police killing of Sylville Smith, an armed 23-year-old black man.

“Shortly after I arrived, I saw the beginnings of a shoving match between a line of policemen in riot gear and the distraught residents of the neighborhood. I was the only non-black person there at the time,” he wrote. “By nightfall, I was crouching behind a Chevy Suburban to avoid bullets. Another intern, a white man who had arrived later on to take photos, huddled beside me. After the gunfire ceased, he emerged from behind the car to take more pictures while I stayed behind.

“‘Get your white ass out of here!’ he soon heard. ‘You better not let me f—ing catch you!’” Mr. Mak recalled.

He said the white man, a Journal Sentinel colleague, took off running with a gang of men chasing behind him. Not knowing what to do, Mr. Mak said he started to run after them and yelled at his colleague to get out of the area. That’s when the angry mob turned on him.

  • Bob

    Nothing new here. Ever hear of Reginald Denny?

  • calhar

    And that is why I keep a shot gun handy>>>>>>>>>

  • Taking care of business!

    A wake-up call to bring back blackface.

  • tmk6190

    if they had a daddy he probably would have look like Obama!

  • Janis Love

    I can’t believe this is how far down we’ve gone I’m sick to death of this hate and how it’s being encouraged.

    • It will get, MUCH MUCH worse before it gets better!

  • DJYahtzee

    It’s not about black lives, not about Asian’s not about life at all. It’s about hatred, pure and simple. These people HAVE no higher ambitions, just the low ambition of hurting people.

    The BLM is nothing more than a vehicle for thugs who just want everyone to leave them to themselves so they can continue to rob, rape, sell drugs and murder people.

    • Rodney Steward

      And need killing!

  • Roy Fredrichsen

    Mob mentality knows no bounds and will attack for the flimsist reasons just to destroy things for the fun of it. In the Old West there used to be vigilante style justice. Maybe we should consider a revival against wrong doers.

  • Luke

    They can chase me after I have unloaded my Beretta on their animal azz

  • Dan

    No hate crime here…move along, nothing to see….


    Why are these blacks getting away with this crap. I say round them up and put them in the Fe-ma camps that Obama is saving for whites and Christians,

    • I say-put them on a plane, give them parachutes, fly over a third world country, + push them out of the plane!

      • calhar

        Save the expense of a parachute,They think they are above the law so being so high they can fly to Obama land.

  • Ramon1710 .

    Soros tells BLM to jump. BLM asks “How high, Massa George?”
    They’ve certainly come a long way in 200 years.

    • JIMBO

      Soros is one of the biggest Communist punks in this country. Have to wonder how much he contributed to the Clinton foundation. He is using the black for his own evil purposes.

      • Pattijmajors4

        <<fb… ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!iw189t:….,……

    • Luke

      The pos george sorass is a Hungarian, he should be hung and set fire to..


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