Republicans brace for Hurricane Donald

by Jonathan Easley | The Hill  |  published on June 8, 2015

DonaldHairRepublicans are increasingly worried that a Donald Trump presidential candidacy could drag down their strongest field in recent memory.

“He’s an unwelcome distraction,” said Republican strategist Ron Bonjean. “We already have so many candidates vying for attention, and he brings a sideshow element to the whole thing.”

Trump, a billionaire real estate mogul and reality TV star, has scheduled a “major” announcement from Trump Tower in New York City on June 16. Speculation is rampant that he will enter the White House race, one day after former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) is virtually certain to make his own candidacy official.

  • Bert

    We need an outside the beltway candidate, maybe two! How about this for starters: Donald Trump for President, and Dr. Ben Carson for Vice President.
    Both have legal birth certificates, and are unabashedly pro – American.

  • KentS

    That’s one hell of a cowlick Donald!

    NumbersUSA gave him a “C+” placing him third in the 2016 presidential hopefuls lineup on their immigration stance, after Rick Santorum “A” and Scott Walker “B-“. The grades are monitored by the NumbersUSA staff and updated weekly.

    • megan

      Wow third in 24 hours……..not bad.

      • KentS

        Actually, his grade has been listed for about two weeks.

  • Obwon One

    Republicans did not want RON PAUL either. Looks like a sure sign that DONALD TRUMP is the best candidate.

  • KDC

    Aw, is Trump shaking the establishment Republicans? Too bad. He would do a good job, and he would have a heart towards the good of the people and America. If they say anything negative, it’s a sure sign they are worried.

  • mezeus

    No way he couold be worse than what we have now.

  • SickofObama1

    This is still America, if he wants to run for president, he has that right and like Lorene B said, if the republicans don’t want him …maybe we should give him a second look.

    • megan

      Trump behaves the way Americans used to behave. In fact, Trump may be the last of the real American man. He is brash, ambitious, competitive and unapologetic. And above all, loves the Country.

  • Lorene B

    If the Republicans don’t want him in the race, that’s a clue that he very well may be the one we need for the next president. He is patriotic, knows how to make deals, and he is not afraid to show his birth certificate.

    • KDC

      Lorene, you and I are on the same page!

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