Russia posts provocative tweet warning US on Syria, mocking Earnest

by  |  published on October 7, 2016

RussiaThe Russian government is ratcheting up warnings – on Twitter – to the U.S. government not to interfere with its military operations in Syria, even suggesting American aircraft could be targeted by its “air defense systems.”

In a provocative tweet Wednesday, the Russian embassy in Washington posted a side-by side photo of White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest and the Russian S-300 missile system.

With the military apparatus pointed toward the image of Earnest, a caption says Russia wants the system because they “never really know what kind of assistance terrorists might get.” The tweet says Russia will take “every defensive measure necessary” to protect their personnel in Syria.

  • Allan Scott

    If anything, Syria’s band new missile defense system (compliments of Russia) is meant to keep the U.S. out of their country. I truly hope that our failed black president has enough brains to steer clear.

    • shamu9

      What did anyone Expect from a Gay Boon??

  • Roy Fredrichsen

    Isn’t it truly amazing. Getting open threats for Russia and you hear nothing from the Whitehouse. Again Putin and company win by default because O’Bummer does not have the nerve to oppose them. Has the red line in the sand shifted again?

  • Bob

    How could this be after Hillary and Barry “reset” relations with Russia? Did not her (mis-spelled) button solve all the tension? Or did GW BUsh come back in a mess things up for them?
    Another example of how leading from behind can not work. Will they ever learn?

    • Velma Saccone

      Never will they learn.

  • Luke

    What an embarrassment obumba is to America..He proves everyday he has no understanding of the world and the evil in it..

  • Karll

    Why WOULDN’T our enemies do whatever they want?
    The entire world can see that we have no current leadership and
    half this country apparently wants more of the same!

    • Bob

      There is leadership in the Country, just NOT from the career pols in DC. And we want to send some more? The biggest difference between the Obama Admin and the Boy Scouts is the BSA HAS adult leadership.

  • itsfun

    Russia better be careful, Obama just might draw another red line.

    • BH

      And this time he might poop in his pants before they get to the line.

      • itsfun

        LOL probably true though

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  • CCblogging

    President Jihad and Hillary Clinton created and funded ISIS. The Obama regime is still supporting ISIS and the Russians know it. Mark my words, Obama or Hillary will get us into a shooting war with the Russians. That is, if American’s are ignorant enough to elect a criminal. Hillary and Obama sent Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi to meet with a Turkish rep, to arrange the smuggling of Libyan weapons to “rebels” who were actually Al Nusra and Daesh in Syria via Turkey, and just 30 secs into this video, an alleged Al Nusra commander tells a German reporter, exactly that!

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