Ryan invites Trump to meeting

by Cristina Marcos  |  published on May 7, 2016

Donald Trump will meet with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Thursday as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee works to unify a fractious party around him.

Ryan invited Trump to Capitol Hill a day after he stunned Republicans by saying that he wasn’t ready to endorse Trump.

“Having both said we need to unify the party, Speaker Ryan has invited Donald Trump to meet with members of the House Republican leadership in Washington on Thursday morning to begin a discussion about the kind of Republican principles and ideas that can win the support of the American people this November,” Ryan’s political office said in a statement Friday afternoon.

Trump confirmed to The Washington Post that he would attend the meeting, but he seemed skeptical that it would amount to much.

  • Jerry

    Ryan is going to convince Trump to become a RINO

  • dhwilson58

    NO !! We need to make sure KILLARY doesn’t get farther than the gallows for all her treasonous crimes !!

  • onefour

    If he is trying to get Trump to come into to his version of the Republican party I believe he is going to have a tough row to hoe. Trump is his own man not someone,s lap dog.

  • SDofAZ

    Even for this weasel, that was quick.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Hopefully Trump will stick to his guns. The wall, the economy, no more cheap illegal labour, the military, closing departments, and killing Obama Care, prosecuting the Hilda-Beast, etc.. Wonder what they will try and talk him out of doing?

    • SDofAZ

      Everything! They want the current NWO to proceed. But it will cost them their seats in Congress. Vote the rinos and dems out at every opportunity. I can’t believe the gall of this bunch defying the will of the party legal citizen’s. FIRE THEM ALL, every last one of them. McCain is out this year! Vote Ward in AZ, get him gone!!!!!

  • James G. Mothes

    I hope they can reach an agreement. Republicans need to win this election. We need a huge voter turn out, not stay at home as in the last two elections. Do
    Republicans really want another Demorat in the White House?

    • SDofAZ

      Do you really think the people in their states will listen to these rinos? I don’t think so. In fact the more they do in defying the legal voters, the closer they get to impeachment or no reelection I am sure. That is true for McCain in AZ most definitely.

      • dhwilson58

        So true brother, don’t forget about flake, he’s a Democrap from start, his vote for Lynch ended his career and I told him as much VIA email. I’m from Arizona and they are both embarrassing

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