Ryan on Trump effect: Can’t ‘pretend’ GOP is unified, will ‘take some work’

May 11, 2016

House Speaker Paul Ryan, ahead of a high-stakes sit-down with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, said Wednesday he can’t “pretend” the GOP is unified and acknowledged it will “take some work” to bring everyone together after the bruising primary.

At the same time, Ryan – who so far has declined to endorse Trump – signaled an interest in bringing all the wings of the party together.

Speaking after a closed-door meeting with other House leaders and rank-and-file members, Ryan suggested that “to pretend we’re unified as a party” would mean going into the fall election at “half-strength.” Rather, he said he needs the party to be at “full-strength” and so wants to pursue “real unification” of all factions within the GOP.

“We cannot afford to lose this election to Hillary Clinton,” Ryan said.

Rank-and-file members have been at odds over Ryan’s surprise move last week to refrain from endorsing the now-presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Some understand the speaker may not truly be ready, and also wants to check the pulse of his colleagues. Others worry that Ryan’s hesitation is costing the party valuable fundraising time – needed to prepare for an expected battle against Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in the fall.

  • Rosemarie Saccardi

    Keep the Focus stop Clinton save the Supreme Court keep this country safe
    Get on the Dam Train
    You EHO are playing hard ball are an embarrassment

  • Rosemarie Saccardi

    A word to the wise We the PEOPLR Rule Ryan is ASS kissing he needs money to get re elected Well Your State may Dump you once they know what is in your closet
    That goes for all who are up for re election Bewear you can get dumped as fast as you got in
    Trump can work with anyone He will make the right Deals to fix this Country thay YOU ALL IN CINGRESS LET DOWN
    GRT off the HIGH HORSE you snd the rest who are playing Hard Bsll WILL LOOSE IN THE LONG RUN We spoke our voice we could care less about you principles
    Party of Lincoln needs to be ashamed of themselves
    Wake up you Dam Fools work with Trump he is the People’s Choice
    You all are an IMBARASMENT
    Shame Paul Ryan I thought you were better but now we see why you and Romney lost

  • CharlieSeattle

    If Ryan had an decency remaining, he would resign immediately and apologize to real Conservative American citizens for being a fraud and supporting Obama .

  • CharlieSeattle

    Paul Ryan Challenger Paul Nehlen: ‘He Has Betrayed Us All’


    House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin primary opponent Paul Nehlen said of Ryan on Saturday, “He has betrayed us all, hasn’t he? He says he’s for a secure border. Then what’s he do? He funds every dangerous immigration policy through this $1.8 trillion omnibus. What he funded was all his special interest buddies.”

    Vote for Paul Nehlen. Time for Ryan to be Cantorized!

  • CharlieSeattle

    To helll with the Ryan R.A.T. PAC (Republicans Against Trump)

    Most confuse Ryan, a e/GOP RINO, as a conservative!

    Senator Jeff Sessions is a true patriotic conservative and he endorsed Trump!

  • Ken says

    Keep it simple – I get requests for money every day from the GOP – the answer is always the same – for 28 years you have not done anything for the voters that elect you. I give the money directly to the candidate and know that it is being put to the best use. Let the 1% Liberal Elite, Establishment, Power Brokers or whatever you wish to call them support their RINO and DEM Puppets. Their 20,000 votes spread over the Country will be nothing and the Party formed by the former Republicans will knock their socks off.

    Ryan the RINO will hopefully be history and Palin will campaign against him in Wisconsin – a “green” Democrat would be better than a powerful RINO.

  • notalib

    Ryan, first who promoted you to a point where you are the one to say the Party is or isn’t promoted. As I see it, we have two factions. The Republican Elites and the voters. Since the voters ultimately have the strength I’d say you, the elites better get on the boat with the voters. We don’t like your agenda. Period.

    We must defeat Hillary. You are correct. Now get behind what we want and we don’t want more of your same old agenda.

  • Webb

    Republican Party get behind Trump with full Support…iron out the semantics after the election.
    Ryan needs to Remember 2010 and 2014…America is in demise in so many venues, #NeverHillary will just mean more demise!

    • HENRI


  • David Stewart

    Ryan, if I make this simple maybe you’ll get it; quit trying to force party members to fit the party; let the party evolve to fit it’s memberss!


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