Ryan, Pelosi meet for rare dinner

by LAUREN FRENCH and JAKE SHERMAN  |  published on December 13, 2015

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had a rare dinner together Friday in the Wisconsin Republican’s Capitol office.

Sources familiar with the dinner, which lasted more than two hours, said Ryan asked his Democratic counterpart to join him. The meeting comes as both sides are engaged in contentious negotiations over a government funding bill.

It’s one of the first times Ryan and Pelosi have spent extended time together. A Ryan aide said the two lawmakers talked shop for a short time and spent most of the evening getting to know each other.

  • Hillaryoncrack

    Ryan should have cut her head off and mounted it on his wall just like one of his deer heads.

  • Terry Rushing

    I cannot imagine any rational human being conversing, let alone agreeing with ANY thoughts that flow from Pelosi’s vacant head. When Ryan talks with her it gives me cause to wonder underhandedness is in the making. In short, Ryan surely has not enhanced his standing with me.

  • Antogeny

    I don’t know how anyone could have an appetite – trying to dine while looking at Piglosi????? The man’s stomach must be galvanized.

  • Philip Allen

    I have a feeling Paul Ryan Speaker Of The House will be another John Boehner and give into everything the Democrats want. I agree that these politicians should listen to the people and do the people’s will instead of what their will is, Once elected they seem to not give a damn about what the people want they just say what the people want to hear just to get elected and after that its politics as usual for the most part.

  • Phyllis

    Ryan would serve the country better if he would get acquainted with the people instead of Pelosi, who everyone is sick of seeing and hearing. When she is speaking on anything I turn the idiot box off. He evidently has never figured out why he and Mitt lost the election evidently the RNC hasn;t either.

    • Diane Corr

      The only thing he plans to serve up to the people is “the bitter pill”. Congressmen and Senators are in it for the long haul and ‘for the money honey’.

  • 7papa7

    Based on history he will cave and she laid the groundwork for that to happen. Republicans have proven to be spineless and don’t care about the country or the Constitution they swore to uphold.

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