Sanders floats top tax rate of over 50%

by Jesse Byrnes | The Hill  |  published on June 12, 2015

sandersbernie_042215gnSen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a Democratic presidential candidate, says he would support raising the tax rate on the wealthiest Americans to over 50 percent.

“We’re working right now on a comprehensive tax package, which I suspect will, for the top marginal rates, go over 50 percent,” Sanders said on PBS’s “Charlie Rose” program. The current top rate is 39.6 percent.

The self-described democratic socialist said he is running on a platform of “redistribution of wealth,” citing “grotesque levels of wealth inequality in this country.”

  • studi30

    The top richest 1%er Democrats and Republicans pay 40% of the Federal income taxes anyway. Bill Gates, the richest American at $85 billion, pays 15% taxes. Tha’ts a lot of taxes on $85 billion. He is also a personal buddy of Obozo and gives millions to the Dim party. Bloomingidiotburg is the 13th wealtheist man in the world.

  • John VanderKelen

    Another progressive, unconstitutional Democrat like skunk Obama. Instead of carrying out the law of the land Bernie wants to make it up as he goes along.

  • Ronney

    Hay Bernie, and I would refuse to pay it.

  • KentS

    Bernie’s on the loose again. His embalmer must be watering it down to cover his taxes.

  • reagangs

    That 50% tax rate would also apply to all of the fed bureaucrats and politicos and their minions and cronies.

    • That’s very true, many of whom would support the higher tax – ON THEMSELVES.

      • Ronney

        No I’m sure they would be exempt from the tax

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