Schlafly unloads on Rubio: ‘He betrayed us all’

February 6, 2016

In 2009, Marco Rubio was a plucky challenger for the open Senate seat in Florida, taking on incumbent Republican Gov. Charlie Crist. Though Rubio was trailing in the polls, one leading conservative activist thought he had real potential and vowed to help him.

“When Marco Rubio ran for the Senate in Florida, I think I was the first one to endorse him,” said Phyllis Schlafly. “I made a trip down to Florida in 2009 just for the purpose of helping him.”

But Schlafly, a legendary conservative activist, author and WND columnist, now says she is bitterly disappointed by Rubio’s record.

When Phyllis Schlafly speaks, conservatives listen. Check out what the pioneer of modern conservatism has to say in WND’s Superstore.

“Once he got elected, he betrayed us all,” she told WND. “He said he was against amnesty and against the establishment. And once he got in, right away, he became an agent of the establishment. And now, of course, he’s big for amnesty and letting all the illegal immigrants in. He betrayed us a number of times on that issue.”

  • RadioFreeKansas

    Let us not forget that in 2000 it was John McCain who called Phyllis Schlafly and the rest of the religious right “agents of intolerance”!

    • Mister Vice

      That does it! I’m not voting for McCain no matter what he promises to do!

  • Eddie

    Rubio is “The Amnesty Kid”, or the “Latino Obama” if you prefer. He is a phony.

    • Mister Vice

      LOL. Amnesty Kid…sounds like an outlaw!

  • David g.

    Rubio is the main puppet, for big corporations who want cheap labor.
    He won’t stop what’s happening at
    the border, in fact he is bought and
    paid for to do the exact opposite.
    can bet on it. Rubio is a RINO, he
    can’t be trusted, he has shown us
    his true colors with the GANG OF
    EIGHT. Cruz is a cheat, and a 15 month
    old American citizen.
    The REAL AMERICAN IS DONALD TRUMP! People shouldn’t be persuaded by Cruz and Rubio, and
    should remember that they will return
    favors for the money that bought them.
    That’s why my vote goes too,
    TRUMP, and all others are just
    mouthpieces who will continue
    to work for crony capitalism.
    If you want your country put back
    on the right track, there’s only
    one person who can’t be bought.
    DONALD J. TRUMP is that man.
    TRUMP 2016!

    • Richard Stamer

      Trump should just shut up, Hillary Clinton is the most experienced , knowable and vetted canidate in this election. Go Hillary Go

      • gerrod

        Just ask former ambassador Chris Stevens about her credentials. Oh wait, you can’t because he’s DEAD! Just another poor sap who wound up in the grave having worked for her majesty.

      • Billy

        Richard Stamer – – – You poor ignorant slob. Either you have NO IDEA what you are talking about or you are lying through your teeth.

        • Richard Stamer

          Voted for Hillary today! Feels great! I have voted for President Obama 5 times in his career, 4 times for President, once for U.S. Senate. Proud of both of these great Americans! They have spent their lives making America a better country.

    • ItsJo

      David, your post is So true. Rubio is “A Rino Obama”, and Cruz can’t make it with all the divisiveness. Trump does NOT NEED the Job, but he Does Care about the Future of this Republic’s Survival, and therefore, I too shall vote for Trump. He doesn’t Need Big Corporations Money, and will NOT be Owned by them. What he Will do, is Protect this Republic AND it’s People, from dangers within, and outside from those who wish to do American’s harm. Trump is the ONLY chance we have. Those who were in Office, did NOTHING, but allow Obama to take this Republic DOWN.

    • Billy

      David g. – – – I, like you love what Trump is saying “BUT” you cannot listen to what they say because they lie. Do a little research on Trump and you will discover he is a Democrat. His “history” screams Democrat. His thing about “Make America Great Again” is wonderful, great to hear but look at his history. Do you honestly believe for one second that Trump wouldn’t be as bad as Barack Hussein Obama Sotero Sobarkah about dishing out “Executive Orders” to get what he wants ? Trump has way to many Socialist views to be a good American President.
      You called Cruz a “cheat”. You know they all cheat in order to get elected. I will not attempt to convince you but Cruz is by far the best choice we have if we want our country back. Cruz has a history of fighting for what’s right for the American people and he is a strong supporter of the American Constitution. Please do some research on Trump. Enough said.

  • Benjamin Michel

    He is like Hillary jest can not tell it but one way the wrong way so I hope that the people will drop him before it it to late and he has a NO show when he should be voting he is a turn coat!!

  • wildeagleone

    I have stated numerous times on these blogs that Rubio is a Trojan horse and still believe he is in it for the power and does not have the experience to run the this country, let alone stand up to the despots we are fighting around the world. He is ambitious as was Obama and has as little experience as Obama and we don’t need another trainee in the White House

  • Mary Lou Welz

    Follow Republican pro life ,women. Keep your eye out for their tweets. #tcot

  • Amwakeup

    Lets stop all this he said she said. Trump is the only one who does not owe anyone ,anything. What else is there to say! He may curse a little ,but its better than all that dumb P.C. where you cant say It like it Is ,And IF you do. you may get arrested. BOLONEY

  • josebear5

    Rubio is like Obama promise anything the people want to hear and do nothing when elected.

    • Mister Vice

      Maybe Trump will be the same thing too? How do we know different?

      • josebear5

        We don’t that is the problem with them all we don’t know.

        • Billy

          We “CAN” know if we want to know. You CANNOT listen to what they say, you must look at their history (what they have done) and THAT will tell you what they will do going forward. A zebra cannot change it’s stripes.

  • reggie

    I want to know how the law was changed/manipulated allowing him to be eligible to run for president. He was born in 1971, his parents became citizens in 1975. In my book, he’s an anchor baby. Can someone please clarify this for me. Thanks.


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