Secret Service agent tussles with photographer at heated Trump rally

by Tribune news services  |  published on March 1, 2016

A raucous and protest-ridden Donald Trump rally on the eve of Super Tuesday featured a verbal and physical altercation between a news media photographer and a Secret Service agent, complete with profanity, a choke hold and a body slam.

Chris Morris, the photographer who is contracted to cover the campaign for TIME, was escorted out of the tense rally amid an anti-Trump protest, and detained before being released. The Secret Service says it is investigating “the exact circumstances.” The agent has not been identified.

Trump’s hour-long speech at Radford was interrupted multiple times by protesters — some individual, others acting in groups. Videos of the incident taken by reporters and attendees show Morris attempting to secure a better position to photograph some of the many protesters kicked out of Trump’s Radford event. Rebuffed, Morris is heard cursing at the agent, who then grabs Morris and takes him to the ground.

Seconds later, Morris touched the agent to demonstrate his version of what happened. He was then escorted out.

Trump’s campaign says it is not aware of all the details surrounding the incident.

  • Luke

    The leftards, what a sad group of losers

  • Karll

    Notice how most of these Trump protesters are dolts worked up
    over imaginary “issues” created by the left stream media (see BLM).

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