Set Up For Failure

by MICHAEL CROWLEY  |  published on January 18, 2016

A few years before Syria’s civil war broke out, a Middle East researcher named Robert Malley paid at least two visits to Syrian President Bashar Assad to hear his views on the region.

Today, as President Barack Obama’s top adviser on Middle East issues, it’s Malley’s job to push Assad from power and help restore peace to a country where Malley himself has family roots.

That hugely influential — and challenging — role is a kind of redemption for the 52-year-old Malley, whose last encounter with Obama ended painfully. Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign severed its ties with Malley after reports that he’d met with members of the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Ardent Israel supporters piled on with charges that Malley, a former member of Bill Clinton’s Middle East team, harbored anti-Israel views. Top foreign policy hands denounced the “vicious” attacks, but the damage was done; the Obama campaign said that Malley never had a formal campaign role and never would.

  • drrocko

    Duh ! No surprise here. We got us a Israel hating muslim prez in the Out-house in DC !

    • I Seigel

      “Israel hating”? How do you figure?

      • drrocko

        He has consistently been late for meetings with Israel’s representitives (never late meeting other Arab leaders) ! Has held meetings (in the White House) with known terrorist supporters ! Points out atrocities committed during the crusades – and ignores atrocities committed against Israel even today ! Do you need more ??? Don’t matter what the facts are – I can see by your profile you a a big fan of our disbarred dog-eating “down low” muslim loving prez !

        • I Seigel

          He’s late for meetings, and that’s a sign that he hates Israel?!?! HAHAHA

          He’s avoided meeting Netanyahu when the PM was trying to scuttle the Iran deal. That doesn’t signify hatred. And since then, they’ve both come out and been friendly towards each other, promising renewed cooperation.

          If he’s pointed out atrocities committed during the Crusades, I assume you mean atrocities committed by CHRISTIANS. What does that have to do with hating Israel?

          Meetings with know terrorist supporters? Dates and supporters, please

          I’m all about facts – as my profile indicates. All you’ve presented here is just some silly garbage.

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