Stephanopoulos, ABC have not fully disclosed Clinton ties: Schweizer

by Peter Schweizer | USA Today  |  published on May 18, 2015

Fact-driven, fair, aggressive journalism animates American politics. As an investigative journalist, I am accustomed to asking tough questions. When I publish, I expect tough questions in turn,

That’s not what ABC News This Week host and chief anchor George Stephanopoulos delivered when he interviewed me about my new book on the Clinton Foundation last month. There’s a reason. Though Stephanopoulos belatedly disclosed$75,000 in donations to the foundation, he has yet to disclose his much deeper relationship with the Clinton Foundation.

When Stephanopoulos invited me on his Sunday program, I knew that he had worked as a top adviser and campaign manager to President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, but I didn’t know about his donations or his other ties to the foundation founded and overseen by the former president and his wife, potential future president Hillary Clinton.

  • reggie

    Not just the money, he was a moderator for the CGI for a number of years, a featured attendee, helped to judge prize winners with killery II (yep, in mom’s foot steps). Can be googled. GS – Townhall dot com 5/17/15, Matt Vespa author. CC – dailymail uk 5/19/15 – staff quitting.

  • Luke

    Don’t you ever get tired of these liars and socialist/communist promoters in the liberal media?
    I guess they’re so successful because of the liberal lemons who believe every word from these liars..

  • bygeorge

    Geralldo, of Fox news, tells us he was cashiered from ABC for failing to disclose a $250.00 donation to some body. Compare that to George S’s $75,000. to the Clinton’s.
    It’s the same old adage in different words: “If you steal written works from one person, that’s plagerism. If you steal from thousands it, research.” Stalin even said it better: “Kill one person and you’re a murderer. Kill millions and you’er a
    great leader”.

  • rhondareichel

    He’s a bilderberger isn’t he? So are the Clintons

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